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Swedish Nutra Hair Skin and Nails Beautifying Nutrition

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Supplementary Facts:

Vitamin A (palmitate, beta-corotene)

800 mg


Vitamin C

120 mg


Vitamin D3 calcium

5 mg


Vitamin E

5 mg


Vitamin B1



Vitamin B3



Vitamin B6



Swedish Nutra hair, skin and nails 

If you are facing hair fall, damaged chipping nails or dry irritated skin there is a chance your body is lacking nutrition and there can be many other factors too. There is nothing much to worry about; we have the solution for you “Swedish Nutra hair, skin and nails”. This supplement is perfect for daily use. The delicious orange flavor product has been well known to increase skin elasticity, overcome dried prune skin, increase skin density and growth and last but not least nail quality and strength.

Formulation and Details

Swedish Nutra is orange flavored making it very likable by all age groups, it also provides all the nutrition other vitamins provide but Swedish Nutra is in a liquid form. It consists of a new formula development containing Aloe Vera and CoQ10 which help with soothing your skin, hair, and nails. A little tinge of green tea helps you to circulate your blood flow making sure each and every body part get the equal amount of vitamins such as your hair, your nails, and your skin!
Another ingredient that plays a key role in making your hair and skin better is biotin; Swedish Nutra contains a very specific amount of it, making it perfect for daily use.

This marvelous product doesn’t only contain biotin; it also contains other active ingredients like zinc and copper which are perfect for maintaining shiny hair, glowing skin, and beautiful nails. Let us not forget the vitamins that are in Swedish Nutra and their important part!
The delicious orange flavored product doesn’t contain a trace of sugar the sweetness comes from a plant called STEVIA and FRUCTOSE. Since there is no sugar, this medicine is safe for diabetic patients too.


As per the direction, always store in a dry and protected place. Avoid direct sun exposure. Place it in the refrigerator after opening because Swedish Nutra doesn’t come with a cover, bummer! You can easily use it up to two months after opening it, nothing more than that. Always keep the kids away.

Dosage and usage

15ml every morning, it comes with a measuring spoon in the box. Do not exceed the daily limit. Always ask your healthcare advisers to suggest your vitamins, especially if you have any kind of medical issues. It is least to say if you are breastfeeding you should definitely ask your doctor before taking Swedish Nutra.

For the best effects, take it at least for three months.
Kindly shake it well before consuming, so that all the goodness combines leaving nothing at the bottom. Also note that consuming Swedish Nutra is not a total supplement for a nutritious lifestyle, it is not a substitute. It is just available to fill in the nutrient gaps between your diet.  

Place of OriginSweden
Model NumberHair Skin & Nails
Dosage FormOral Liquid
HairPromotes thicker, more beautiful hair.

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