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Do you wear hijabs and abaya? Do you want to look modern and also fulfil your religious obligations by covering yourself? Do you know, now you can still look stylish and elegant by wearing abayas and hijabs? If you’re having a hard time believing us why not s do some online shopping of trendy designs of Zaithoon abayas from You can find the latest abaya designs on our platform. They will not only help you in covering yourself but also give a touch of modernism and style. The online shopping of abayas might seem difficult as it is tough to find an abaya with the best material at an affordable price. But with our platform, you can buy abaya and niqab online at a competitive price. No matter, what design, style, and material you want in your abaya, our platform is providing the best burqa designs in UAE.

Online Shopping of Zaithoon Abayas

Similar to other abaya brands, Zaithoon is also one of the biggest names in this field. It is one of the best brands, which are providing stylish and elegant abayas. If you are interested in buying branded abayas online, you must check out the latest design of abaya from Zaithoon. Our platform is offering the best fancy abayas of Zaithoon for sale. So don’t wait as the stock is limited get your Zaithoon abaya now.

Wide Range of Stylish Abayas in the UAE

 We are providing a variety of stylish abayas in Emirates. If you are searching for fancy and trendy abayas then you are in the right place. The most common problem is that people don’t know where to find branded abayas at affordable prices. They don’t know what is the perfect abaya size for them and how can they locate the best abaya manufacturers. But with this problem is solved. Now you can get your favorite Zaithoon abaya without breaking a sweat. Here you can find the best Islamic outfits that match your personality and give you a flawless look. Nowadays, people are wearing abayas of different colors; the trend of the black color abaya has now changed, and people are trying different colors and designs in abayas that suite their personality. So, dig deep into the variety of chiffon abayas that you can purchase from our platform.

Closed Abaya

The name is enough to understand this type of abaya. Mostly available in black color, this is the very basic and conventional abaya. Wearing close abayas is simply because you don’t have to shuffle wit buttons. This type of abayas is available in both black and white colors. You simply have to wear this abaya from upside similar to a t-shirt 

Frasha Design

Let’s look stylish and modern with this special Islamic outfit. This type of abaya comes up with long sleeves, and it is available in different colors. These are chiffon abayas that look good on you, and you only have to wear it from upside down.

Open Button Abaya

 This is the simple and the most affordable abaya. As its name reflects everything, this abaya has a long tail of buttons ta the front side. This is a traditional abaya with a touch of modernism. The buttons will assist you in opening and closing of the abaya dress. 

The Abaya Cardi

This is another best type of Arabic abaya that you can find on our platform. The abaya cardi is similar to the customary designs of abayas because there is no button at the front side of it. The main difference between cardia bay and customary design abaya is that these abayas come with a scarf and belt.

Two-Piece Abaya

This is the standard Arabic abaya and the most favorite one among the ladies. You can wear this abaya in two ways. This is the best occasional abaya that works like a traditional abaya. You can also convert it into Cardia abaya according to your needs. The inner side of the abaya is completely stitched so you only have to slip in it.

Draped Abaya
This is also another beautiful abaya style that is now in vogue. The idea of this abaya comes from the hung Grecian outfit, and different fashioners have appreciated this idea. With flawless texture, deep detailing, and delicate touch of this stylish abaya is something that looks beautiful on every lady. It is the best idea to wear this type of abaya in the summer season. Are you tired of mono shades of abayas? It is quite out of fashion to wear plain black or white color abayas. At our platform, you can select a wide range of elegant prints and themes that give you an extraordinary look.

The Kimono

Kimono is the most famous Japanese outfit among ladies. Now fashioners have brought this trendy style in abayas. This trendy one cross overdress abayas look stylish and give a modern look to ladies.

How to find the best designs of abayas?

Do you know what type of abaya looks beautiful on you? Do you know what type of material is best for abayas? What type of abaya will go best with your personality? Below you can find some useful tips and points you should keep in your mind while buying the abaya.
First of all search about the different textures that are available
Take note of the measurements of the abaya
Note what the size and style of the abaya is
Search if the abaya is best for winter season or summer
Compare the price of the abaya with the market price

Variety of Textures Available at

At our platform, you can find a wide range of textures in abayas that you should try such as
Poly Crepe: this type of abaya texture comes up with matte finishing. The smooth detailing of the abaya gives ladies a modern look.
Lexus: with matte finishing, this is the comfortable abaya texture that looks adorable on ladies.
Internet: this type of texture gives a glossy tone to the detail finishing of the abaya.
Nidha: it is the soft, delicate, and smooth texture that is best for the summer season.

Where to Buy Abayas online?

This is the most important about how to buy beautiful and affordable abayas and which is the best place to buy them? Different platforms are providing this type of branded outfits at different prices. Our platform is one of the best places where you can find online abayas in UAE. We are providing the most popular designs of abayas at reasonable prices. You only have to visit our website and add your favorite outfits in your cart.
Do you want to buy abayas online in Dubai and Sharjah? Different platforms are selling this Islamic outfit at slightly high prices. Do well research on it and find out the best prices of abayas in Dubai. is also shipping the abayas in Dubai and Sharjah at a reasonable range of price.


Now you have learned the all good details about abayas. Why don’t you get one for yourself? Purchase these stylish abayas and give your everyday look a new boost!!!

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