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Neocell Super Collagen+C, Type 1 & 3 - 6,000 mg, 250 Tablets

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Looking for a product for the overall maintenance of your hair, nails, skin and other jointer problems??? Try our Collagen +C Type1 & 3 supplements. This 6,000 mg skincare product is manufactured and formulated by NEOCELL, Skin Care. For maintaining the flexibility level throughout the body, the collagen is said to be a structural protein.

As we age the depletion of collagen is common and can cause skin aging and weak hairs, nails, muscles, sinews, ligaments, and bones. This product contains a large amount of clinically proved and studied BioActive Neo Cell Collagen which is supportive for the healthy formation of collagen in the body. This dietary supplement is effective for the weak bones. This is GMP certified and improved healthy joints. This NeoCell has the advanced hydrolyzed process which helps large collagen muscles change into small peptides which are enzymatically hydrolyzed. They are both bioavailable and bioactive throughout the body.

These supplements are Non-GMO and Gluten-free and helpful for the nourishment and shinning of long-lasting hairs. For the flawless and hydrated skin, these dietary supplements are very effective. Yes, it’s true you can get strong and natural polished nails with the use of our product. So why are you wasting your time and add this product to your shopping cart.  

Clinical Results:

  • This Super Neo Cell collagen increase the hydration of your skin by an average value of 12% up to the 50%
  • 92% of the test subjects experience increase level of skin hydration 
  • 60% Experience the more firm and softer skin.


  • This may contain vegetable source magnesium stearate. 
  • These supplements do not contain soy, lactose, starch, yeast, wheat or any other kind of artificial flavors. 

Allergically Alerts:

  • This product may contain few trace amounts of naturally occurring sulfite residues. 


  • Strong and nourished hairs
  • Naturally polished and strong nails
  • Healthy bones
  • Firm and healthy joints and tender ligaments
  • Radiant and flawless skin

How to use?

Take 6 tablets of this NeoCell Collagen Product daily. For maximum results and absorption, it’s preferable to take it an empty stomach. 


This is only for adult use so keep these supplements out of reach of children. 

If you are pregnant, nursing or going through any process of meditation then consult your health physician before its use. 


All statements regarding dietary supplements are not assessed by the department of Food & Drug Administration. So this product cannot be intended to diagnose, treat and cure any kind of disease. 

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