10 pcs Blue Casserole Set OE15

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    10 pcs Blue Casserole Set OE-015 is a complete cooking set. It is a need of every kitchen. This striking, amazing cookware set has different sizes every kitchen could need. 10 pcs Casserole Set is the best cooking set for your kitchen, it freshens up easy, best daily lunch/dinner making the cooking set. Your life becomes more comfortable and easy with this, brilliant as well as an amazing cooking performance of the colorful, dishwasher-safe and durable Cookware Set. We provide this cookware set at an amazing price and ensure set’s quality. When you cook your Food in this set, it will be of fresh color. Best Set that gives a simple, daily cooking a bright, bold look.

            10 pcs Blue Casserole Set is now available online in Dubai, the cookware set structure heats up in few seconds and help you in making breakfast quickly. 10 pcs Casserole Set’s colorful enamel surfaces are easy to clean and also stain-resistant, and the cookware set has sturdy handles. The cookware set has a grip handle that gives extra strength to the set. It also has the long-lasting nonstick inner side that enables easy food release. It is long-lasting cookware set. It will change your life with its sleek and unique design. 10 pcs Casserole Set glass lids work in moisture and heat. It allows busy home cooks to keep an eye on different foods/meals they are cooking. This product is selling on high demand in UAE.


    Ø  Product Features:

    1. 10 pcs Casserole Set feature sturdy aluminum construction for quick, even heating.

    2. Cookware set is oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    3. The cookware set's exterior color makes a bold style statement.

    4. Casserole set has long-lasting nonstick interiors give easy food release and cleanup.

    5. While cooking we can see through glass lids.

    6. The set is made with premium aluminum material for superior heat distribution.

    7. It has the double nonstick coating to deliver outstanding performance each time.

    8.  Cookware set is multipurpose use for home, kitchen or restaurant

    9. The 10 pcs Casserole Set OE-015 Casserole is manufactured by Olympia.

    10. Buy 10 pcs Casserole Set OE-015 at the discounted price in all-over the United Arab Emirates.


    Ø  Product Details:


    ·         Set’s Ceramic interior

    ·         Used Material: Aluminum

    ·         It has Non-Stick Surface

    ·         It is not Dishwasher Safe

    ·         10 pcs Casserole Set is Lead-free


    Ø  Cookware Set size


    ·         Casserole 1 pc 16 cm

    ·         Casserole 1 pc 18 cm

    ·         Casserole 1 pc 20 cm

    ·         Casserole 1 pc 22 cm

    ·         Casserole 1 pc 24 cm

    ·         Casserole Lid 1pc 16 cm

    ·         Casserole Lid 1pc 18 cm

    ·         Casserole Lid 1pc 20 cm

    ·         Casserole Lid 1pc 22 cm

    ·         Casserole Lid 1 pc 24 cm










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