12 pcs Tea Set Green - 12TSMAR

Product Information


Model 12TSMAR
Color White, Green
Type Tea/Coffee set
Durable Yes
Pieces 12
Pattern Yes
Saucers Yes
Saucer shape Square
Easy to access handles Yes

12 pcs Tea Set - 12TSMAR-GREEN

This delightfully tea set is made up of tenacious ceramic.Beautifully designed and colored  .So you can gift it to someone to make him/her feel joyful.These cup have capacity of 10 oz and length of cup is 3.75".This beautifully designed cups gives more joy for family useand  in friends gathering/party too.

Pivotal Detail

+ Exquisitely designed and colored tea set..

+ Light in weight (15 ounce)

+ Dimension: 3.01"h & 2.1" dia.

+ 6 Cups.

+ One holding plate with each cup.

+ Best price at UAE.

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