12 pcs Tea Set - 12TSMAR-Yellow

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    ü 12 pcs tea set to meet the needs of the whole family

    ü Best holders for tea and coffee

    ü Perfect for large dinner parties with a large number of guests

    ü Dishwasher friendly

    ü Easy to clean and store

    ü Reasonable and discounted price

    ü Non-toxic to the human body

    ü Durable use

    ü 12 teacups with saucers

    ü Reliable

    ü Approximately 8*12 cm height and diameter

    ü Safe temperature range can reach up to -30 to + 120 ° C

    ü Odorless and safe to use

    ü Reusable

    ü High quality

    ü Available in attractive lemon yellow color


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