12 pcs Tea Set - 12TSMAR-Yellow

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    12 pcs tea set is an important household appliance that you can get in UAE, from easyshopping.ae. This 12 pcs tea set works perfectly, is useful in your daily routine and fulfills your all needs perfectly. It is household kitchen crockery that we can easily find in supermarkets or large supermarkets where kitchenware is sold but its prices are too high in markets, so buy this amazing product from UAE at discounted rates.

    If you have a party at home in UAE, and you do not have a 12 pcs teacups for serving a large number of guests. And you need 12 Pcs tea set so that it pays you the amount you have pooled in; or, then again you need to gift this 12 Pcs steel water glass to someone, regardless of whatever the reason is, it offers a strong, present-day enhancement to your regular drinking. This is 12 pcs tea set which is most useful kitchen appliance offered at best price. It is true that drinking tea in this tea set is very healthy and safe for every human health because the quality material also stops the transferring of odors. Drinking tea is the essential nutrient for some people on earth and you should carry it in something special like 12 Pcs tea set to makes them fresh because of its yellow color. It does not need polishing like glass you just need to rinse and wipe out to remove water spots to make them shine.

    Features and benefits of 12 pcs tea set:

    ü 12 pcs tea set to meet the needs of the whole family

    ü Best holders for tea and coffee

    ü Perfect for large dinner parties with a large number of guests

    ü Dishwasher friendly

    ü Easy to clean and store

    ü Reasonable and discounted price

    ü Non-toxic to the human body

    ü Durable use

    ü 12 teacups with saucers

    ü Reliable

    ü Approximately 8*12 cm height and diameter

    ü Safe temperature range can reach up to -30 to + 120 ° C

    ü Odorless and safe to use

    ü Reusable

    ü High quality

    ü Available in attractive lemon yellow color

    If you do not have much space in your kitchen, it is one of the things that you can do buy and which perfectly meet your needs and fits in your kitchen; it is a matter of priorities when it comes to organizing. Get the 12 pcs tea set in yellow color from Dubai and make your life easy by using this kitchen crockery that you can avail from easyshopping.ae. So hurry up! Shop now, get the best one for you and place your order without any confusion.


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