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    In UAE, to say that preparing a good cup of coffee or tea requires a whole ritual is no secret and is that a misuse and choice of ingredients can ruin the best and most delicate leaves of this millenarian plant. If you are a tea or coffee lover and do not want this to happen, so you must buy the 12Pcs Coffee & Tea Cups - EN3944. You will get this 12Pcs Coffee & Tea Cups - EN3944 from easyshopping.ae.

    Enjoy your breakfast every day with tea coffee with this radiant cup. The 12Pcs Coffee & Tea Cups - EN3944 are very comfortable, made of stoneware, an element that stands out for its durability and resistance to temperature changes. It has a burst of color that invades your breakfast, thanks to this mug textured that will boost your mood to the fullest and has the polka dots texture; this cup will add a warm and casual air to your daily breakfast.

    What the 12Pcs Coffee & Tea Cups - EN3944 have?

    You can purchase the 12Pcs Coffee & Tea Cups - EN3944 from easyshopping.ae in Dubai!

    Ø  12 Coffee/tea cup

    Ø  Best material

    Ø  Handles for better grip

    Ø  Keeps tea/coffee warm

    Ø  Dishwasher and microwave safe


    Ø  Functionality and design for your coffee or tea moment.

    Ø  These are the ceramic mug that will become the center of attention at the time of coffee or tea if you are in UAE, for its peculiar and aesthetic design.


    Ø  Cleaning: Use soap for dishes. It has a capacity of 450ml

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