18 Pcs Melamine Dinner Set - OE18001

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    Cooking is the passion, but after making delicious food your duty was not over. After making the best food, now you need to have all perfect dining accessories that make your family happy.  And you need to serve your dinner with best possible Dinner Set. The compact and elegant designed dinner set will never let you down before your guests & family at any type of get-together. The beautiful dinner set comes with best size plates, spoon, and little bowls that will be a good gift for anyone.

    The best quality 18 PCS Melamine Dinner Set available at online store easyshopping.ae in the UAE, which is certainly one of the top and a stylish dining set. It will leave a great impression to your guests due to its elegance and style. You can serve food in a better manner and give a surprise to your family. The lovely dinner set will put your all efforts into the table in a graceful manner.

    The essential cookery item has the best design that defines its purpose and it will totally execute your budget needs. This 18 PCS Melamine Dinner Set is ideal to entertain your guests at home. The economical dinner set made up of best quality material that makes your meal worthwhile. This will complete all your kitchen needs and serves your guest with the happiest mood. The well-designed Dinner set comes with unique qualities.

    ·         Brand new

    ·         Elegant & beautiful design

    ·         Best melamine material with excellent finishes

    ·         Round shape dinner set model

    ·         Easy to wash & dishwasher safe

    ·         Sturdy & break/chip resistant

    ·         Heat resistant material

    ·         Premium quality & lightweight

    ·         It will complete all dinner serving needs

    ·         Get all items in one dinner set

    ·         The durable and dynamic dinner set is ideal for using a long time.

    Items contain:

    The elegant 18 PCS Melamine Dinner Set contains all necessary items like

    ·         Big plates

    ·         Small plates

    ·         6 soups Bowls

    ·         Serving spoons

    The elegant 18 PCS melamine dinner set help to enhance the beauty of serving food and your everyday meal become a lavish feast. The 18 PCS Melamine Dinner Set is ideal for big gathering feasts and the exquisite design adds charm in delicious home meals. This product will be a great gift for a wedding, birthday or magnificent dowry for your daughters. Your guest will definitely feel happy and they are looking for your feasts & gatherings always.

    Now you don't need to go anywhere for buying this elegant product and get it at an online store in the UAE. The dinner set will complete all your needs and the online shop easyshopping.ae is your ultimate destination for buying this product. You have the safe and pleasing online shopping experience which provides you best dinner set and your table will sparkle with the beautiful accessory. The best online shop will provide the safe and fast delivery services in the UAE and the versatile collection is ideal for any dining tables gatherings. So just ordered the best array of dinner set and make your gatherings or feasts generous with this product.


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