2 in 1 Bundle Offer 14 pcs Aluminum Cookware Set + 6 pcs Knives Set BND17-62


Items Included In This Bundle

14 Pcs Aluminium Pot ACP-14A

14 Pcs Aluminium Pot ACP-14A

Sale Price: AED 99.00
Bundle Price: AED 89.00
6 Pcs Knives Set - KKS684-ORA

6 Pcs Knives Set - KKS684-ORA

Sale Price: AED 18.00
Bundle Price: AED 10.00
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Product Information



    The aluminum cookware has;

    Ø  Prevention of adherence of food on surface

    Ø  Have 14 pieces in all

    Ø  Sturdy design

    Ø  Easy to clean

    Ø  Efficient in cooking as aluminum is a good conductor of heat

    Ø  Odor less food prepared

    Ø  Knobs and handles are riveted in aluminum

    Ø  Every piece has a lid

    Ø  Double coating from inside which prevents food from burning

    Ø  Best for gifting

    Set of 6-Piece Knives

    Ø  Dishwasher safe

    Ø  Polypropylene handle

    Ø  Sub-zero treatment

    Ø  Polypropylene handles with antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi

    Ø  Uniform streaks

    Ø  Chromium- hard

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