2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609

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Looking for the best liners? Then need not worry. Easyshopping.ae has a lot for you. Get the 2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609.

Did you know that using eyeliner in the base of the same can do authentic wonders and make them look much nicer? Depending on the technique and the color choice you can get very different results simply by playing with the lower tab line. I promise that today you do not leave here without learning the best tricks to apply the eyeliner under the eye.

If we draw a line of thick color that extends through the lower eyelash, we will seldom get an effect that works and we can close the eye. A too thick eyeliner at the base of the eye can give the sensation of a tired eye, accentuate the bags and age. It is best to keep the lines relatively thin and apply most of the product in the direction of the outer corners of the eye.

Anyone who has gone to work knows that the distance between a perfect look and an absolute disaster is very short; in three seconds you can ruin all the effort invested in makeup. Because profiling the eye is one of the most critical phases, especially for the less experienced hands. That is why it is important, first of all, to make an analysis of our physiognomy to know which stroke is the most favorable and to know our artistic limitations, according to which it is convenient to choose one or another format.

It should be applied on the outside and flush of the eyelashes, after the makeup background, the concealer and the shadows and illuminators, and before the mask. Depending on the thickness, the point from which the stroke starts and where it ends will have a different effect: enlarge or shrink the eye, tear it, almond it or produce the optical illusion of separating or bringing eyes together.

Black eyeliner 2 in one, for a cleaner finish, uses the liquid eyeliner and for a deeper finish use the eyeliner in pencil or as more you fit, you have 2 options in one, choose the one you like! Well living in UAE and facing all the heat is much troublesome. This 2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609 can be used in 2 ways and make you look magnificent and outstanding!

2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609 description:

Dubai and easyshopping.ae has a lot for you. These 2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609 is a marvelous product and defines your eyes to the most. Look what the 2 in 1 Eye Liner Water Soluble - EB609 has for you;

Long lasting gel eye liner with exceptional color intensity

A technical product for use with the corresponding Brush to delineate the external contour of the eye with a net stroke and a modulable thickness

The creamy, sliding and long-fixing formula provides lines of pure color, bright and intensely pigmented. The stroke is homogeneous, after the application, it dries in a few instants and remains adhered to the skin, without running and without cracking.

Available in black

Ophthalmological tested

Eyeliner gel is fast drying, long lasting and easy to apply. Includes a small applicator

So, when are you planning to buy this product from easyshopping.ae?

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