24 Pcs Cutlary Set SPN-B224-ORG

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    t has concave spoons that are wide.

    Ø  Forks effectively grind meats, vegetables, cereals and in general, all kinds of solid foods.

    Ø  The knives have the right edge to cut, with a slightly sawed edge and allow clean cuts and fast.

    Ø  And, tea spoons that you can use to eat desserts or sweets.

    Product characteristics of 24 Pcs Cutlery Set SPN-B224-ORG :

    Ø  Brand: SPN-B224-ORG

    Ø  Made from stainless steel

    Ø  Has plastic handles

    Ø  For 6 people

    Ø  Composed of 24 pieces

    24 Pcs Cutlery Set SPN-B224-ORG includes:

    Ø  6 Table spoons

    Ø  6 Table Forks

    Ø  6 Table knives

    Ø  6 teaspoons

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