24 Pcs Cutlary Set SPN-B224-ORG

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    Cutlery forms a fundamental part of a well-served table. The SPN-B224-ORG Cutlery Set is a practical and functional kitchenware, very comfortable to use at all times. It is made of sturdy stainless steel, which is distinguished by its physical attributes, brightness, and hardness. It has a modern presentation, symmetrical lines, impeccable finishes and smooth edges. Let’s see what it has further.

    This 24 piece Cutlery Set is a colorful set of items designed to accompany your breakfasts, snacks, lunches and daily dinners. These are basic elements in household, kitchenware. Its structure is made of stainless steel and plastic handles, which will be practical at every meal. In turn, they have a modern and dynamic aesthetic that will make the presentations of your dishes are more cheerful and colorful.

    One of the features of this 24 piece cutlery set is that it is a complete set of pieces for your culinary elaborations. The items offer a comfortable handling and quality. In addition, an aspect to emphasize is that you can wash them next to the rest of your dishes since they do not have components that can be damaged when it comes in contact with the water and the detergent.

    Among the benefits of the Cutlery Set, it can be noted that the stainless steel manufacture of the utensils gives them great strength and durability. In this sense, the materials and processes applied in the preparation prevent corrosion and wear. This one is interesting for you if you need basic kitchen utensils for your daily journeys.

    What 24 Pcs Cutlery Set SPN-B224-ORG has?

    Ø  It has concave spoons that are wide.

    Ø  Forks effectively grind meats, vegetables, cereals and in general, all kinds of solid foods.

    Ø  The knives have the right edge to cut, with a slightly sawed edge and allow clean cuts and fast.

    Ø  And, tea spoons that you can use to eat desserts or sweets.

    Product characteristics of 24 Pcs Cutlery Set SPN-B224-ORG :

    Ø  Brand: SPN-B224-ORG

    Ø  Made from stainless steel

    Ø  Has plastic handles

    Ø  For 6 people

    Ø  Composed of 24 pieces

    24 Pcs Cutlery Set SPN-B224-ORG includes:

    Ø  6 Table spoons

    Ø  6 Table Forks

    Ø  6 Table knives

    Ø  6 teaspoons

    It has a rigid structure that resists all types of dealings. Its surface is completely smooth and polished, of pleasing texture. In addition, it has an ergonomic design, making it very comfortable to grip and the plastic handle adds a comfortable texture to the hand. This cutlery set is an excellent choice since they are very hygienic and do not absorb fats or odors of any kind.

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