3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation EB703

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3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation gives a natural-look better than ever. It is the completely invisible innovative foundation. It features uniquely-coated pigments that give medium coverage with a lightweight touch that looks just like skin; 3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation is formed with hyaluronic spheres for time-released hydration that assures relaxed wear on all skin types. Now it is available in Dubai. It is best for all skin types. Now buy 3pcs of this long-lasting foundation in one box. This makeup Foundation gives maximum coverage for up to 16 hours of water-, blemish- and transfer-resistant color wear. Formed for the most sensitive skins, it produces all-day hydration. With maximum coverage, it covers tattoos, scars, birthmarks, bruising, wounds, and other body flaws. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested.

3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation offers the perfect bonus to your makeup kit. You can both use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply this foundation. Blend the foundation in easily using soft circular strokes to obtain a smooth and even finish. Fit for daily use, Use this foundation on your face on a regular basis and display a lovely complexion without looking overly made up.

Wear a dazzling glow, wherever you go, with the 3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation.  The Vitamin E and silicones present in this foundation enrich the skin- restoring, replenishing and supporting it on the application. This foundation is available in 3 bottles that’s easy to carry. The Foundation easily blends into your skin to create a soft, glowing and wing-like finish. It has a water-resistant, oil-free formula with Vitamin E that provides the best coverage to your skin. The foundation contains Vitamin E that comforts and moisturizes the skin. It also has silicones which help in the easy application, spreading evenly for an even toned look. The formulation is light and easily bendable. Get that immediate perfection with 3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation right away! This is the best-selling foundation in UAE.

3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation Features

§  It covers up spots, reduces blemishes and dark circles.

§  It is enriched the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, & Vitamin E.

§  This foundation gives you radiant and glowing skin.

§  You can use it to flaunt flawless skin.

§  It is suitable for all skin types.

§  Specially crafted by experts for UAE.

§  It also has a silicone.

§  3 Pcs in 1 Box Makeup Foundation is Water resistant.

§  It blends effortlessly.

§  It has an oil free formula.

§  The foundation is Light weight.

§  Three foundation pieces in one box.

§  Available at a discounted price in Dubai.

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