34 Pcs Duck Makeup Kit - C866E

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34 Pcs Duck Makeup Kit - C866E

Shop an Amazing 34 Pcs Duck Makeup Kit - C866E now online at easyshopping.ae. It is a beautifully designed complete all-in-one make up kit for every girl

Ø  Product Description

 Now Indulge in a new sophisticated style with 34 Pcs Duck Makeup kit. The duck shaped makeup kit comes with hot, beautiful and fashionable colors; that include highly pigmented mineral oil based Eye shadows. It has matte to ultra-shimmers. It also has a handy face powder that can be used as color corrector as well. The beautiful kit is all about style. Start the new season with a fresh look and take an advantage of all in one kit. The Duck Girl Makeup Kit features 16 highly pigmented mineral-oil based eye shadows, Two face powders, and makeup applying brushes. This super mineral oil based eye shadows are in pearl, matte, and shimmer finishes. This kit includes two double-sided applicators for shadows and blush. Its attractive red color outer case increases its beauty as well. The Kit is created by makeup professionals in the United States.

It has high-quality ingredients imported from around the globe. This duck makeup kit is safe for all ages. It is designed for all Skin Types. All Colors are made for Normal/Combination skin types. It is normal size makeup kit. You can easily take this one with you anywhere you move.

Easyshopping.ae is delivering this product all over in Dubai. We are providing this product in a protected packaging.

Ø  This Product features

Ø  16 highly pigmented Eye shadows – mineral oil based

Ø  It has two face powders that also can be used as color correctors

Ø  There are five two sided applicators for blush and shadows as well

Ø  Elegant, stunning Duck style Kit

Ø  Designed in U.S.A

Ø  Bestselling product in UAE

Ø  34 Pcs Duck Makeup Kit - C866E is beautifully designed that opens to sides and in front

Ø  You can comfortably travel with this makeup kit

Ø  A wide collection of makeup brushes is also included in this kit

Ø  All colors are made for all types skins

Ø  Buy this beautiful duck shape kit at the best price in Dubai

Ø  It is the best makeup kit for beginners and for makeup lovers also

Ø  It’s an attractive makeup kit that is also best to gift someone

Ø  The Product is Brand new



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