4 Colors hair chalk - HC4PCS

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Model HC4PCS
Gender Girls
No. Of Chalk 4
Size Other
Condition New
Type Hair Care

4 Colors hair chalk - HC4PCS produces vibrant color in just three easy steps. HC4PCS includes four color chalk compacts, Hot Pink, Fiery Fuchsia, Electric and Neon green. These colors are vibrant with high impression style, the hair chalk works on all hair colors and styles and easily wash out with shampoo. Our dynamic array of temporary hair chalk is the best DIY hair chalk available at a low price in UAE. The different colors of hair chalk will match any costume or wardrobe, and the hair chalk set is sure to last a long time.

This Hair chalk set is unique, reliable and ideal because it is non-toxic hair chalk, semi-permanent, and blends able hair chalk. The hair chalk set is your best partner for beautiful colored hair that keeps its beauty due to the soft hair chalk. It is the best collection of hair chalk you will ever need or desire.  This Four color chalk is created for easy application, you can shine with a metallic shade, be bold with a single shade or creates your amazing combination of colors to match your mood or outfit. Remaining up to three days, only shampoo them away and you’ll be ready to start color your hair again.

This is non-allergenic, safe and water soluble Hair Chalks. It provides up to 80 applications per box and leaves your hair feeling natural and soft.

Ø  Features in Hair Chalk

•  THESE ARE  TEMPORARY HAIR COLOR CHALK Add a sprinkle of lively color and fun to your world with four color fantastic Hair Chalk.

•    IT's AN IDEAL BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR GIRLS: Looking for something different other than a traditional gift and makeup to give as a present? Four Color hair chalk sets is ideal for girls, teens, and women

•    AMAZING RESULTS FOR ALL HAIR COLORS: Four color hair chalks work beautifully on all natural hair colors, blonde hair gives a gorgeous look and holds color longer, while darker hair suits the more lively colors in our collection.

·         Our Four color hair chalk set is selling rapidly in Dubai. It is the most popular product among girls of all ages


Ø  How To Apply These Hair Chalk

•    First, spray a section of hair with water.  Only go as high up as you desire the color to be

•    Second, Turn your hair, color on your hair with one of the HAIR CHALKS. We suggest applying three colors at a time. Start coloring with the lightest shade first.

•   Third, Wait for your hair to air dry. It is the hardest part in applying chalk to your hair, but it is must for the HAIR CHALK to attach to your hair

•    Fourth, You can also use a flat iron or curling, go over each colored hair strand. This will also set the colors in your hair so that it will last longer. Then brush and style your hair however you desire to be



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