5 Second Fix Liquid Plastic Welding Tool

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Condition New
5 Second Fix Yes
Liquid Plastic Welding Tool Yes
Material Plastic
Color Black & Blue
Fix, repair & seal anything in 5 seconds! Yes
Safe & easy to use Yes
High Quality Product Yes
Excellent Value for Money Yes
  • A pen-like device that has an applicator with brush on one end and a small UV light on the other
  • Bonds to any surface – plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, glass, etc.
  • Doesn’t dry with heat or air, so you can position or reposition your repair as required
  • Just shine the UV light on the liquid & the two units will be bonded/welded


  • Fix, Fill & Seal Anything In Seconds!
  • 5 Second Fix creates an everlasting bond in seconds. 
  • Just apply the liquid plastic, weld with the UV light and you’re done! 
  • Flexible, sandable & paintable material dries clear so no one knows it’s there. 
  • Great for repairing glasses, jewelry, sealing leaky pipes, filling cracks and more.

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