50 pcs melamine dinner set - KMD-58S

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    We are presenting an amazing 50 pcs melamine dinner set for you. Now you can easily serve your dinner to your loved one, kids and also the guest at home in an eye-catching Dinner set. Order it now online and surprise your friends and family with the sleek and beautiful dinner set design and color combination. The material used for set’s manufacturing is of top quality.  Food Grade plastic is used as a material. No need to worry about your health. It has long durability as well as it is safe for use in the microwave.

    We provide easy cleanup for it. You can wash it by hands or in a dishwasher. It is also freezer safe. These features will enable you to use it conveniently.  It will definitely increase the beauty of your dining table.  Purchase it’s once and save your money by spending it on the right item. There is a vast range of sizes in this dinner set. Its design will really impress your guests and your family at the same time. The set demand is increasing in numbers day by day. It’s become the best-selling product in Dubai.

    Ø  Product Features

    Ø  Dinner plate’s size in the dinner set is 26 cm

    Ø  Quarter plates in the set have a size approximately 20 cm

    Ø  The size of each soup container is 11 by 6 cm

    Ø  The weight of the complete dinner set is about 6 kg


    Ø  Package of the 50 pcs melamine dinner set includes


    Ø  Quarter Having Dinner Plates are eight in numbers

    Ø  Plates in the dinner set are also 8

    Ø  8 Soup Bowls within the set are 8

    Ø  We provide 8 other bowls for regular use

    Ø  The set also has a bowl with a lid

    Ø  Having a one rice plate in the melamine set

    Ø  Another Medium sized Bowl With a plastic Lid

    Ø  The melamine set has a Small Serving Bowl also with a proper lid in it

    Ø  Two creatively designed Serving Spoons

    Ø  One rice serving spoon as same to dinner set

    Ø  2 Serving Spoons

    Ø  8 tablespoons

    Ø  One lade also included


    Ø  Important Features in the 50 pcs melamine dinner set


    Ø  The set is made up of food grade plastic

    Ø  It is a complete dinner set that has all the things you need

    Ø  It is freezer as well as microwave safe

    Ø  The dinner set is also dishwasher safe

    Ø  Have a premium quality set with a unique color combination and design

    Ø  Multi-purpose set can easily be used at home and in a restaurant as well

    Ø  Buy this Melamine Dinner set at an amazing price in UAE.




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