6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43

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Are you tired of using knives in UAE that do not cut? Do the knives you use to lose the edge constantly and quickly and do not allow you to cut your food easily and efficiently and spend as little time as possible preparing your meals? Would you like to prepare the most delicious recipes to your friends and family with high-quality products with knives that provide you with efficiency and speed? Introducing 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 with a blade so powerful and sharp that you can cut up a pineapple in the air. They are extraordinarily designed with a control system for chopping, cutting and chopping the quickest way, they also come with a handle that provides comfort. The 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 will always remain sharp thanks to the revolutionary three-in-one blade, reinforced, tempered and made from the finest quality stainless steel, ground and non-stick.

It has an ergonomic, balanced and riveted handle specially designed for your comfort. Every time you prepare roasted meat, turkey, chicken or easily separate the meat from the skin, you will get a perfect cut without complications. You can cut a frozen salmon, trout or a grouper easily and quickly. We all know that cooking in Dubai is tough enough, as there is the shortage of time, but when you have the best knife set like6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43, nothing seems impossible. Buy the 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 from easyshpping.ae if you are resting in UAE. The 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 will be at your doorstep in no time.

The exceptional quality and timeless elegance are two defining characteristics of 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 forged knives. For which each piece runs uninterrupted from the blade to the handle with only a subtle thickening of the steel to separate the ferrule at the point where both are. The ferrule also prevents your hand from slipping between the handle and the blade. As part of this series, the five knives of the 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 share the same core qualities. Consisting of a kitchen knife, a steak knife, a carving knife, a Santoku knife and a chef knife, this set also includes multi-purpose kitchen scissors, resulting in a support that meets the needs of virtually all more specialized cooking jobs.


Ø  8 cm kitchen knife

Ø  12 cm steak knife

Ø  Carving knife of 15 cm

Ø  Santoku knife, cutting edge with 17cm alveoli

Ø  20 cm chef's knife

Ø  Universal kitchen scissors


Ø  The6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43 knife line is made of the highest quality materials to provide you with durable, accurate and safe products.

Ø  All handles are ergonomically designed to provide superior handling.

Ø  The blades are stainless steel with high carbon content resistant to staining and corroding. The cutting blades have been hardened to ensure their sharpness for a long time.

Ø  Is brown in color

Ø  Has a stand for all knives

What the knives have?

Ø  Knives made of high-quality stainless steel.

Ø  With control system to chop, cut and chop quickly.

Ø  They remain sharp thanks to the revolutionary sheet three in one.

Ø  Reinforced, tempered, ground and non-stick sheets

Ø  Handle specially designed for your comfort.

Ø  They can be used by lefties and right-handers.

Ø  You can cut frozen foods easily

Ø  You can easily separate flesh from the skin.

Ø  It includes knives for meat, and scissors and several specific cutting knives.

Ø  With the 6 pcs knives set with stand JL-43, you can achieve fine and perfect cuts in different foods.

Easyshopping.ae brings you this fabulous opportunity. This knife set with holder is the best acquisition you can make for your kitchen since its design and structure make it an element of constant use in the culinary task.

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