Beautiful Shine Attractive Colors Fashion Makeup Kit - A43

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Model Make Up Case Set Art No A43
Color Multi
Condition New
Type Make Up Kit

 This eye shadow base added makeup kit is perfect for these occasions when any girl is having a birthday, Christmas, Valentine Day or just going to start a new experience of makeup. It has everything that you need in this compact, beautiful black golden beauty case. These eye shadow base will protect the tender skins of the user. And they are costly material. Only the excellent ones have eye shadows in it. Beautiful Shine Attractive Colors FASHION MAKE UP KIT - A43 have colors that are light, not bright or too flashy; it would suit a baby girl or youth well. It swirls open ( even pleasure to open), and close to a size which you can take with you anywhere in Dubai. If you have this precious little one makeup kit in your life and you have to give her something for an occasion, this would be beautiful and Perfect Gift. It Includes two Eye shadow Base 21 Eye shadow, two Compaq Cake, 8 Blush 7 Lip Gloss 1 Mascara and swirls Open with Mirror.


 It is a makeup kit with all you need in it. Once you have this kit, you no longer need to carry around a big, heavy makeup case with you. Everything will be displayed right in front of your eyes in an expandable swing open kit, so it will make it easy for you to choose and find the colors you want quickly! This feature in the makeup bag is an idea for those times when any woman is in a hurry! This is the essential product for every woman to make her already busy life much easier. It is also a great gift for the ones you love and care.


Ø  About the product

Ø  All-in-one makeup palette for face, lip, and eyes

Ø  It is elegant in Shape

Ø  It is comfortable to travel Size

Ø  Brushes are also included with this beautiful makeup kit

Ø  Buy Beautiful Shine Attractive Colors FASHION MAKE UP KIT - A43 at the best price in the United Arab Emirates

Ø  Beautiful Shine Attractive Colors FASHION MAKE UP KIT - A43 is manufactured by Generic cosmetics

Ø  It is designed in the USA

Ø  Beautiful MAKEUP KIT - A43 Open to both sides and front

Ø  All in one makeup kit includes eye shadow

Ø  Blush powder cake lip gloss

Ø  And tons of applicators

Ø  The product is brand new

Ø  Get this amazing item at a discounted price of 59 AED



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