(Beauty Bundle) 22 Pcs Makeup Set + Facial & Nose sauna Mask

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 Pritech Facial Sauna & Nose Sauna - LD-6116

Pritech Facial Sauna & Nose Sauna - LD-6116

Sale Price: AED 59.00
Bundle Price: AED 55.00
22 Pcs Makeup Set

22 Pcs Makeup Set

Sale Price: AED 36.55
Bundle Price: AED 44.00

Product Information


Facial Sauna & Nose Sauna Pritech

Model Number LD-6116
Type Other
Color Pink
Design Face & nose steamer

22 Pcs Makeup Set

Brand Other
Gender Girls
Focus on Girls
Size Other
Condition New
Type Makeup Kit
Pcs 22

Every girl wants to get a fabulous and attractive look. They always try to do something new for impressing the people around them. This effort will lead them to hold numbers of makeup product which can they use daily. While you need to get your desired look you have to busy useful makeup Set or other beauty products. All beauty products will give you help in getting your desired look in an easy and professional manner.

The flawless face is important as well as the perfect makeup application and we provide you the best products which help in having a stunning look. The 22 PCs Makeup Set + Facial & Nose Sauna Mask is the best crazy deal, which is offered by huge cosmetic online seller easyshopping.ae in UAE. The 2 in 1 bundle gives you flawless look and you have the best makeup product in your bag. The stunning product will purify your skin and make it beautiful at the same time. So just get it and boost your confidence and help to achieve your desired look.

The combo product has:

22 PCs Makeup Set + Faial & Nose Sauna Mask has the best combination of your facial beauty and you will be amazed to see the results after using it. So just look at what it has offered

§  22 PCs Make Up Set: The most professional makeup set is ideal for having a perfect look and you will find all makeup items which you need.

§  Soft bristle brushes: The diverse makeup set has soft bristles brushes which help you in getting a perfect makeup application. All applicator is added on this makeup set which can apply makeup on eyes, lips, and cheeks.

§  Eyeshadow and blush kit: The professional Makeup Set has eyeshadow and blush kit that have different colors or shades for your everyday look.

§  Lip glosses & lipsticks: The professional makeup set has lovely shades of lipstick and lip gloss that will enhance our lip beauty with its sleek effect.

§  Nail paint: The Makeup Set has 3 nail colors which will be compatible for any outfit or occasion. And it will definitely boost your hand's beauty with its glossy finishes.

Facial & Nose Sauna Mask:

The 22 PCs Makeup Set + Facial & Nose Sauna the best product is available at the online shop easyshopping.ae all over the UAE and their beauty bundle comes at an economical price. So you must buy this crazy deal and complement your beauty with a refreshing look. The Facial & Nose Sauna Mask has interesting benefits.

§  The Facial & Nose Sauna Mask can be best for face deep cleansing and help to moisturize & soften your skin.

§  The two purifying skin system will restore skins natural glow and give you a fresh look.

§  Facial and nasal cone helps to make your skin tender, younger and smoother and simply works in any weather

§  Facial steamer, open pores and removes dirt and leave skin smooth & silk

§  Promote blood circulation and good for intensive skin care





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