Beauty Makeup Case Set RL9018

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Model RL9018
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Beauty Makeup Case Set RL9018

Beauty Makeup Case Set RL9018 works perfectly for makeup beginners. This space compelling make up case houses three distinct layers of makeup. Easy to use and The High-Quality makeup Case Set, you can order it in UAE. Beauty Makeup Case Set includes Eye Shadow Palette/ Blushes/ powder and much more.  Artist inspired Makeup case set it is perfect for those who want quality makeup without breaking the bank. If you are a dance/ theater mom, then this is kit is perfect for you. This affordable makeup case set is filled with high-quality makeup and beautifully designed in an attractive red case.

 Beauty Makeup Case Set RL9018 includes  14 colors eye shadow, four colors lip sticks, two colors eyebrow powder, Six color blush, Two color face powder and one color concealer and two pieces eye shadow brush. It is a makeup case set with all you need in it. Once you buy this case, you no longer need to carry around a big, heavy makeup case with you. The most amazing feature in this beautiful makeup case set is everything will be displayed right in front of your eyes, so it will make it easy for you to choose and find the colors according to your mood or dress.  This feature is ideal for working women because these women are always in a hurry! This is an attractive makeup case with a beautiful red color outer case.

Fourteen Colors Eye Shadow:


Six Color Blushes:

Four different shades of pink, one brown and one violet color blush

There are four lip glosses in red and pink tones are also in this makeup set. An eyebrow powders make your eyebrows look amazingly fuller. One dark color face powder and one light color face powder are also in this makeup case set.

·         This product Features:

Ø  Beauty Makeup Case Set RL9018 includes Eye shadow, Blushes, Powder, Lipstick and much more

Ø  It is perfectly designed and shaped and for storage and travel anywhere in Dubai

Ø  This makeup case has embedded mirror to assist in applying

Ø  It is an Ideal starter case for makeup newbies and little performers

Ø  Three tier case includes high-quality makeup and accessories like eye shadow brushes

Ø  It is best for light-to-medium complexions

Ø  Makeup case is designed in the US

Ø  Beauty Makeup case set open to both sides and front

Ø  All in one makeup case set includes eye shadow, lipsticks and blush as well

Ø  The product is brand new

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Ø  Its demand in UAE is increasing day by day. Every woman loves to buy this complete makeup case set.

Ø   It is an ideal makeup case for personal use as well as for to gift someone special.











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