BPI Sports Best Protein 5lbs Chocolate Brownie

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BPI Sports Best Protein 5.1lb(Chocolate Brownie)
Be Better. Be Strong. BPI.
Natural and Artificial Flavors
Zero Maltodextrin!
Zero Fillers!
The New Standard
24 g Protein per Scoop | 5.1 g BCAAs | Zero Trans Fat
Best Protein
Best Tasting
Zero Protein Spiking - Chrome Dex Quality Verified - Tested Independent Laboratory
Gluten Free
Approx. 69 Servings
Our Commitment: To you. To your goals. To your health.
It's what drives us to deliver the highest quality and most effective sports nutrition supplements available. Your success is the foundation of ours. That's why we only use the best ingredients and the most precise manufacturing standards to create powerful supplements that yield proven results. Results you can see and feel.
Every bottle of Best Protein is made using natural, cold temperature, micro-filtration process. This keeps the protein pure without losing the much-needed micronutrients. How do we ensure every bottle meets the BPI standard? We have them tested by ChromaDex, an independent laboratory and one of the most respected names in sport nutrition.
ChromaDex- Quality Verified - Leading Independent Laboratory
"Zero Protein Spiking"
The ChromaDex Quality Verified seal means no protein "spiking" for ingredient identity, contaminants, heavy metals and microbials. This serves as objective proof that our proteins are compliant with cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and that what your seed listed in our ingredients is what is inside our products. Nothing Less, nothing more.
Tested For Quality - Built For Results
Proper protein intake is vital for any muscle building or weight loss program, providing your muscles with the necessary fuel for lean muscle building, performance and recovery. A high-quality protein can help you make sure that you're getting the required nutrients and building blocks for your health and fitness goals.
Best Protein is the best tasting, best formulated, and best overall value (cost per serving) of any protein in its category. Each scoop is packed with 24 grams of premium protein, utilizing micro-filtered isolates as the primary source. You can count on the fact that you are getting exactly what you are looking for in each and every serving: High-quality protein and none of the unwanted fillers.
100% Protein
1.5 g Total Fat
Easy to Mix
130 Calories
3 g Carbs
Value To Consumer
2 Scoops = 48 g Protein
1 Scoop = 24 g Protein
Suggested Use
Read entire label before use.
Mix one scoop of Best Protein with 5-6 ounces of cold water and drink immediately after workout or strenuous activity. May also be taken anytime to promote recovery and help build strong muscles. For optimal results, use in conjunction with a proper diet and always consult with a physician prior to beginning a training regimen.
Mix It Your Way!
3 Fast & Easy Ways To Take Your Protein
Shake or Blend or Stir.
Other Ingredients
Protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate), cocoa processed with alkali, natural and artificial flavor, salt, xanthan gum, soy or sunflower lecithin, sucralose, and lactase.
Manufactured in a facility that also processes egg, tree nuts, and wheat.

High-Quality Protein Blend of BPI Sports Whey HD

Did you know that a proper intake of protein is necessary for the building of muscles and losing weight? This BPI whey protein is the best blend that can help you get lean muscles. Not only does it increase your performance, but BPI whey protein also makes sure that you are getting the required amount of nutrients with each scoop.


Features & Benefits of BPI Sports Whey HD

Best protein blend for increasing muscle recovery

Helps you to gain lean muscles

Best product for losing unwanted fat and gaining muscle

Approximately 69 servings are included in one pack

It contains zero fillers and maltodextrin

Available in Chocolate Brownie flavor

Provides essential nutrients for good health

Each scoop gives you 24 grams of proteins.


How to use this BPI sports whey protein HD

Thoroughly mix one scoop of best BPI whey protein gainer in 6 ounces of cold water. It is recommended to Drink this blend immediately after an intense workout session. However, for building strong muscles and increasing muscle recovery, you can take this drink anytime.


How to store it?

Store this BPI, Protein product in a dry and cool place.


Warnings & Side Effects of BPI Best Protein for Body Building

Consult your doctor before using it.

Store this BPI Chocolate Brownie supplement away from kids.

Carefully read the label with the directions before use.

Don’t use this whey protein blend if you are pregnant or nursing.

Avoid using an excessive amount of BPI sports protein.

These supplements contain dairy products in it.

Don’t take this bodybuilding product without the consent of your doctor if you are already taking medicines.






Vitamin D





Other Ingredients

Cocoa press with alkali

Salt, xanthan gum, soy, sunflower lecithin

Protein Blend

(Whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, and whey protein isolate)

Sucralose & Lactase

Natural & artificial flowers



Q: Who can use this BPI Protein mix, male or female?

A: This product is suitable for both genders.

Q: Does this muscle building product have any effect on birth control pills?

A: No, this dietary supplement does not affect the effectiveness of birth control pills

Q: How much protein do we get in one scoop?

A: In one scoop, you will get 24 grams of premium proteins.

Q: In what flavors is this product available?

A: BPI Protein is available only in chocolate brownie flavor.

Q: Is this suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes, BPI best protein bodybuilding product is best for vegetarians.

Q: How many servings do we get per container?

A: 69 servings

Q: Is caffeine included in the protein blend of this product or not?

A: No, caffeine is not included in it.

Q: Is it free from dairy products?

A:  BPI whey protein contains dairy products in it.


Q: Can women use this product during their pregnancies?

A: No, this product is not suitable for pregnant ladies.

Q: What is the best time to take BPI best protein weight gainer?

A: Take this drink immediately after an intense workout session.

Q: Is this product available in Dubai?

A: Yes, the people of Dubai can order this BPI best muscle-building protein blend from EaseShopping.ae.

Q: Is this suitable for people who do not go to the gym?

A: No.

Q: How many scoops are recommended every day?

A: One scoop of this whey protein blend is enough.

Q: Can we add this into any shake?

A: Yes, you can fulfil the requirements of carbs in this way.



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