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Cellucor Alpha Amino Performance BCAAs Watermelon

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Cellular Alpha Amino Performance BCAA’s Watermelon – 30 Servings

Features of the product:

  • Beta Powder _ known as Betaine, uniquely formulated to maintain the electrolytes concentration of cells

  • Support healthy electrolytes for hydration that recovers from strenuous exercises.  

  • Support the maximum recovery rate of muscles from breakdown

  • Provides well-studied formulation of 2:1:1 BCAA ratio for different optimal operations

  • Provides additional 11 essential amino acids

  • Includes Coconut Water Powder, increase aid in rehydration mainly with fluid preservation

  • Provide 100% satisfactory results

  • All collectors from are guaranteed to give you superiority in performance.

  • Provide amino acids that are at the very core of healthy performance.

  • Provides upgrade amino and improve your performance

  • Increase replenishment and recovery rate


In the situation when you are in deep lap sweep and feel dreadful with fatigue sweep all over your whole body, will you reach for a towel or will you prefer to push extra with the combination of Alpha Amino? Try this upgraded formula of Cellular Alpha Amino Performance BCAA’s manufacture by CELLULAR. The manufacturers have tailored a new version of Alpha Amino in the form of this product that includes a well-studied combination of BCA’s 2:1:1. They provide optimal performance also with the unique addition of 11 essential amino acids. Electrolytes are one of the most primary parts of Alpha Amino that add more aid that keep your body hydrated and make you ready to wrestle any challenge. Amazingly flavor in watermelon without additional sugar and provide reap benefits of amino acids without any workout and training. When water just won’t help it don’t drink sugary sports drinks, just grab any mouthwatering, flavorful amino acid sugar-free drink, the best way to get hydrated. This amazing product provides electrolytes for hydration. You can perform your best by getting a hydrated and additional amount of minerals. For optimal performance, dehydration is not only an underrated key, but it is an essential component. That’s why this upgraded Alpha Amino Acid formula includes the power of Beta and electrolytes. This product includes naturally and significantly research and studied ingredients that deplete dehydration, decrease cell stress during intense workouts, and boost different physical activities.  Moreover provides additional strength and power to muscles and increase their endurance rate.


  • Citric acid

  • Malic acid

  • Sunflower lecithin

  • Sucralose

  • Natural & artificial flavors

  • Acesulfame potassium

  • fd&c # 40

Allergy ingredients/Allergy Warnings:

The product may contain different allergy ingredients such as tree nuts (coconuts).


  • Increase strength of muscles and maximize their power and endurance level

  • Keep body hydrated and contain 0% sugar

  • Help you to tackle any challenge by depleting dehydration from the body

  • Provide different amino acids to the body

  • Help to replenish lost minerals and increase the rate of muscles recovery

  • Add more aids in muscles to fight during breakdowns

Suggested use:

For maximum results, mix 1 scoop of this Alpha Amino in 8-12oz of cold water or use any other juice, sports drink. Drink this product one or two time a day. For better performances on training days, take two servings of this product before and after trainings. For more usage for occasions and benefits, see chart below   

Usage Occasions

Serving sizes


Post Training

1-4 scoops

Supports healthy muscle proteins synthesis

Aid to lean muscles

Muscle recovery and increase repair

Non-Training days

1-4 Scoops

Replenishes fit Electrolytes to support in the body

Before-During Training

1-4 Scoops

Aid to decrease breakdown of muscles (catabolism)

Replenishes fit Electrolytes to support in the body


  • This product is only intended to consume by healthy males who are at the age of 18 or older. Do not use this if you are a woman especially if you are pregnant or on breastfeeding. Do not use this if you are not in your good health.

  • Consult your doctor or health physician before its use if you are going through any kind medicated course. Immediately discontinue its use and consult your professional health physician in the case if any adverse reaction occurred.

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