Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed Protein Powder 18oz - Supplement For Vital Joint & Bone Support, Glowing Skin

Product Information

Protein10 g
Sodium45 mg
Alamine0.90 g
Hydoxyproline1.23 g
Lysine0.37 g
Methionine0.09 g
Phenylalanine0.20 g
Proline1.41 g
Serine0.34 g
Threonine0.18 g
Tyrosine0.05 g
Valine0.23 g


Need bone strength and youthful skin?? Tired of unhealthy gut?? Try this Collagen Peptide Hydrolyzed Power Supplement for your problems. In our body, 90% of the collagen has comprised the form of Type I and II. For getting maximum bone strength and increasing the litheness level of joints, Zhou’s presents Unflavored Collagen. This healthcare supplement can be used by both men and women for the purpose of healthy support for bones and tendons. This amazing power supplement from Zhou can completely dissolve like a russet creamer in a variety of drinks and liquids.

Feared of losing firmness and even tone of your skin or want youthful skin that cans radiant glumness?? Don’t worry the solution to your all these problems is this collagen peptide powerful Hydrolyzed Protein Powder. Yes, Collagen Hydrolysate supports the maximum health and elasticity of young-looking and wrinkle-free skin. Zhou presents you Hormone free collagen peptides which are the most convenient way to refill the boosters in your skin and support better cell rejuvenation. Is there any amino in this powerful protein powder??? Collagen is also essential for the long-lasting and nourishes hairs while the 18 essential amino acids make your weak and brittle nails. Want healthy and power shinning nails than try these supplements from Zhou.

For keeping the perfect track of your healthy diet Collagen peptide, powerful Protein supplements are best for this purpose. By the smoothing process in your delicate lining from this power protein powder help you in attaining the healthy gut. Yes, this powder from Zhou’s is hormone free, and grass fed so use it in daily routine and get the recharge of the lost amount of collagen.


Benefits you get from the use of this collagen peptide powerful powder are several:

Reduce stress level

Recover sun damage to the skin

Gaining of natural polish of nails

Maximizing the strength level of bones

Nourished and long – lasting shiny hairs

Refill all the fine lines and wrinkles of damaged skin

Make joints and tendons comfortably strong

Increase the tightness of sagging skin

Helps to improve poor diet


Pure form of Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides known as bovine

Why this Collagen peptide from Zhou’s? 

The collagen Peptides of Zhou’s are hydrolyzed means that they have been passing through the process of enhancing bio availability level and absorption. This process makes the chances of getting benefits from this powder higher. Include no hormones and Non – GMO verified. Yes, it is sourced sustainable from grass-fed and pastures red cattle.

How to use?

For getting maximum results take 1 scoop of this powerful protein powder daily or preferably with in meals. 

Mix this powder in hot or cold any kind of liquids. 


These dietary supplements are not evaluated by FDA and cannot be used in the diagnosis, treatment, and cure or for preventing any kind of medical condition or in any disease.

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