Dr. Axe Ancient Nutrition, Bone Broth Protein, Pure, 15.7 oz (445 g)

Product Information

Ancient Nutrition
Serving Size1 level scoop (Approx. 22.25 g)
Servings Per Container20
Total Calories85
Calories from Fat7
Total Fat<1g
Total Carbohydrate0g
Protein20g - 40%
Calcium14mg - 1%
Sodium150mg - 6%
Potassium270mg - 8%
Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate22.25g

Get the health benefits of today's hottest super food‚ bone broth - in a nourishing protein powder that is smooth to blend‚
convenient to use and easy to digest!

Do you want health benefits of today's hottest super food, Bone Broth in a nourishing protein powder? Do you need something that provides powerful nutrients your body needs to thrive including collagen? No need to worry because Dr Axe’s bone broth ancient nutrition formula is exactly you need, enriched with essential nutrients present in enjoyable flavors. 

Organic Bone Broth Protein 

Bone Broth Protein Powder is a breakthrough in protein supplementation that delivers home-brewed bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix powder. Bone Broth bio begins as a real bone broth liquid. It’s then dehydrated, creating it into a focused supply of high-quality tasty powder. 

Bone Broth Collagen 

Collagen is important for our health. It is necessary since it makes up close to 30% of all the proteins within the body, and is found everywhere the body in tendons, ligaments, bones and many other places. It may be considered as a “glue” that holds together all the body ligaments and bones by joining them. It is found solely in animals, principally within the animal’s tissue, and it’s the second commonest substance within the body second to water. Dr. AXE Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate contains 3 sorts of collagen from three food sources, providing Collagen Type I, II and III from chicken, beef and turkey respectively. This formula is exclusively made by Dr. AXE. The Dr Axe multi collagen protein all in one supports healthy skin, joint performance, gut health, and a healthy system. 

Chicken Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate

Our sustainably sourced chicken bone broth concentrate comes from non-GMO, naturally farmed chickens. This collagen type II is naturally found in chicken bone broth supports a healthy gut and joint health.

Ancient Nutrition and Dr. Axe Products.

Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin both co-founded Ancient Nutrition. Dr. Axe health products are well-known within the dietary supplement trade for their high quality, innovative solutions and formulations. Dr. Axe is a well-known doctor of natural medication, doctor of treatment, and a clinical nutritionist. Jordan Rubin living in New York is one of the Times best-selling author likewise as founder and former business executive of Garden of Life. They’ve combined their experience and knowledge to create very high-quality Ancient Nutrition and Dr. Axe products. If you check on the net you will see Dr. AXE collagen reviews are at the top for their quality manufacturing and their health benefits.

Product Information

Brand: Ancient Nutrition

Product Size: 445 gm

Type: Food Supplement

Product Form: Powder

Targeted Group: Unisex

Supplement facts

Serving Size: 22.25 gm

Number of Servings: 20



Total Fat <1g

Total Carbohydrate 0g

Sugars 0g

Protein 20g 

Calcium 14mg 

Sodium 150mg 

Potassium 270mg 

Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate 22.25g

Amino Acids

Collagen Type II



Hyaluronic Acid

Does not contain


Egg Free



No Added Sugar

Nut Free

Soy Free


no filler ingredients

no artificial flavors

no artificial colors

no sweeteners

no preservatives.


Features of Dr. AXE bone broth

It is whole food bone broth supplement 

It is Paleo-Friendly

It is a Superfood Protein Powder

It is made from Real Bone Broth

It is Gut-Friendly and keeps stomach healthy

It contains No Carbs

It has No Sugars

It is completely Natural

It contains No Artificial Ingredients


Suggested Use of Dr. AXE protein powder

Mix 1 scoop of bone broth protein powder with 12 ounces of cold water.

Mix thoroughly to make it a bone broth protein mix

Take once daily.

Use it in conjunction with a fitness or diet plan or part of a detoxification program.

Use can also add it in any juice or a smoothie

It becomes Incredible with almond, cashew or coconut drain

You may consume 2-3 servings per day

Use only as directed on the product label.

When consuming bone broth powder, it is beneficial to eat a nutrient-dense diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, quality protein-rich foods, and healthy fats.



For instructions on how to store your product, check the product package.

It must be kept in a dry and cool place.

For a longer shelf life, it must be kept in the refrigerator

Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep away from moisture.

This product must not be exposed to direct sunlight.



Use it only as a dietary supplement

This product is only to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older.

People with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking any medications should consult their physician before using it.

Pregnant or lactating women must not use it

If you experience any adverse reaction to this product, discontinue its use and immediately consult your health care professional

If the safety seal of the product is broken or missing, don’t use it

Discard the expired product safely.



Bone broth is a natural source of collagen

It Supports Digestive Health

It Promotes Joint Comfort and Bone Health

It also Supports Healthy Immune System Function

Supports Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

It helps in Purifying and Detoxification of harmful substances

It helps in taking care of Skin and Beauty 

It reduces Sound Inflammation 


Q: Where we get born broth powder in Dubai?

A: The best place to get bone broth powder in Dubai at the most reasonable price is Easy Shopping.ae.

Q: How to get bone broth powder in UAE?

A: It is available for shopping in the markets of UAE. You can buy it online very easily from EasyShopping.ae

Q: From where can we get collagen naturally?

A: Bone broth is a natural source of collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids

Q: Why should you choose ancient nutrition bone broth protein?

A: Bone Broth Protein Powder is an outstanding breakthrough in protein supplementation delivering the homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix form way

Q: Is this a complete protein?

A: Yes...it is a complete protein. It's a perfect substitute for whey, egg or grain-based proteins because it is gut-friendly and completely Paleo.


Q: How many types of collagen are present in bone broth collagen?

A: Dr. AXE Bone Broth Collagen Concentrate features three types of collagen from three food sources, providing Collagen Type I, II and III from chicken, beef and turkey.


Q: Who is this product intended for?

A: Typically, after the age of 30 people usually start losing collagen. This product is for anyone who is looking to naturally support their body as they age, especially if you are looking for joint, skin, gut and nail support.

Q: Is collagen a form of medication? Does it have side effects?

A: Collagen is not referred to as a medication, rather it is a supplement made from real food ingredients. There are no listed side effects, but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you will want to choose another option

Q: Is Dr. AXE multi collagen protein all in one suitable for vegetarians?

A; No, as Collagen Protein comes from animal sources, so it is not vegan or vegetarian.


Q: In which flavors bone broth collagen powder present

A: It may be either unflavored o comes in enjoyable flavors too like



Salt, Apple




Q: Why should I be supplementing with collagen?

A: Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. Up to 30% of all the body protein is collagen protein. Up to 70% of skin, hair, nails and almost 100% of connective tissues are made up of collagen. It literally holds you together from the hairs on your head to every inch of your skin, to your joint comfort and mobility.

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