Elekta 1400 Watts Cordless Steam Iron, ESI-1500CL

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Elekta ESI 1500CL 1400W Cordless Steam Iron is your best friend when it comes to last minute sprucing up. This is the perfect last minute touch up you need to smooth things over, quite literally. This cordless steam iron features a spray, steam, and burst function that gives you maximum efficiency of use. It’s cordless functionality makes this iron so much easier to use. This means no annoying wire for you to maneuver around while ironing your clothes. The nonstick sole plate on the bottom of the iron ensures that you have a seamless and smooth sliding experience that is not hindered by clothes sticking to the bottom. The iron features the finest components and is made using premium quality materials for maximum durability and endurance.


Brand: Elekta

Manufacturer Number: ESI-1500CL

Model Number                         1500CL

Iron Type                                  Steam Iron

Item EAN                                     2724299181278

Color                                           White

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