Elekta Rice Cooker 2.8L [ERC-285MKII]

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Elekta Rice Cooker 2.8L in UAE

If you want to cook rice fast, then go for Elekta Rice Cooker 2.8L [ERC-285MKII]. It has the capacity of 2.8 liters, perfectly for serving the family. It comprises of button that helps to keep the food warm. It has insulated handles that save you from burning. The inner pot is non-stick which prevents rice from sticking eventually making the rice cooking process an easier one. This cooker also has the plastic measuring cup and spoon. The color is white which is highly elegant along with the floral pattern, which enhances the sophistication.

:Product Features:

  • Deluxe Type with Plastic Inner Steamer
  • Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot
  • VDE Plug
  • Cook and Keep Warm Function
  • Plastic Measuring Cup and Spoon


Brand: Elekta

Package weight in KGs: N/A

Material: Other

Item EAN: 2724287290128

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