Epsilon Professional Hair Clipper - ENTR1006

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Epsilon Professional Hair Clipper - ENTR1006 hair clipper set provides you best hair cutting experience. It also saves your cash, this is best for home as well as professional salon use. With this now find a hair professional in you. No need to go salon/ parlor every time. It also saves your time. With the smart and sleek design, this small and fine Epsilon’s Professional Hair Clipper body, your kids/adults both will also join you to give trimmings to all your family members. With the use of this clipper, there will be no more high bills for hair cutting at the salon. Its best results are increasing its demand all-over in UAE. It is best-selling product in Dubai.

Ø  These are the benefits of Epsilon Professional Hair Clipper - ENTR1006

1.       This hair clipper set has a Titanium blade that is connected to the ceramic movable blade for long-term and an effective hair cutting and will not get worn.

2.       This Epsilon professional hair clipper has a high power motor, work on the low wave.

3.       The Ceramic Blades in it made friction of the clipper probably less.

4.       The machine is equipped with 5 made in comb length settings.

5.       It is perfect for your whole body cleaning/grooming as well as clipping.

6.       It has High-quality blades, have a self-sharpening ability.

7.       It can cut all type of hair from smooth to rough

8.       It is noise-free clipper so now with it your kids or your loved pets never feel discomfort.

9.       It is best for Cordless and corded applying.

10.   It has a rechargeable battery for easy use; you can quickly charge it use whenever out of battery power.

11.   All of the accessories with the hair clipper can be easily clean

12.    The package has a storage pouch that keeps all hair clipper accessories at one place for saving storage. Simple set or adjust the parts of the machine and you are ready to work with it.

Ø  Product Feature


·         It is the double-function clipper: It is perfect for the complete body hair cutting, trimming and grooming.

·         It has a High-Performance Blades in Clipper: Titanium blade connected with the ceramic movable blade for convenient and long-term cutting.

·         Rechargeable Battery with it: It has a Lithium-ion cordless power; you can use it for more than 4 hours after every full charge.

·         Epsilon Professional Hair clipper work on a Voltage of 110V- 240V 50/60HZ

·         This Epsilon Professional Hair Clipper - ENTR1006 is manufactured by Epsilon

·         This is the noise-free product, so your pets and kids feel comfortable with you, whenever you are using this product in their presence.

·         It is useful at home as well as professionals use this product at salons.

·         It is based on latest and advanced technology


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