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Make Your Place Cooler with Our Fans

Fans are meant to make the environment more pleasant. We,, sell variety of fans which are not only durable but also depict distinctive styles. Whether you want to buy pedestal fan or just a mini fan, do not forget to register yourself on our official website. Our topmost brands for fans include Geepas, Elekta, Epsilon and many more. Moreover, you can also buy cookware, blenders, ovens and vacuum cleaners

Some Amazing Fan Types

Let’s have a look on some of the unique and useful fan types:

Pedestal fans

It will not be wrong if you call pedestal fan as the fan with support. Such home appliances have a pedestal with the basic fan which elevates the height. Users can also adjust the height.

Table fans

As the name suggests, these are basically the small fans that can be placed on the table. They are easy to transport from one place to another. Not only this, but you can also place them on floors and countertops. 

Floor fans

Floor tables are best for providing ventilation at foot level. These cooling fans are also appropriate for cooling homes and offices where mounting fan on the wall or ceiling is not feasible. 

Mini fans

They are actually the portable fans that are very light and cute too. Although they can just serve one or maximum two people, but they require less energy and can also be recharged. Most of the mini fans can also be attached with the computer system like laptop for operating. 

You Can Also Look For Some More Features

Additional features depend upon the environment of your home or office. Sometimes you require something extra than what these fans already have. For example, if you have kids at home then look for child-safe grills. Consider the ionizer feature if you are concerned with airborne particles. Buy noiseless fans if you require them for bedrooms or offices.

Trust Us While Shopping Fans Online!

If you are worried about choosing the right kind and quality of fan then do not waste time. We are offering variety with best quality which is hardly seen anywhere else. Whether you are living in Dubai or in any other part of UAE, you are most welcome to register your details and do online shopping whenever you want. Our customer service department is well-versed and will guide you till the end of your purchase. 

Moreover, we are fast which means once you have placed your order, we will deliver it within 3 to 5 days. Just view the features of your favorite fan carefully, and quickly add to the cart before anyone else buys it.