Fruit 'N' Vegetable Heavy Duty Juicer - KCJ-0501

Product Information


Easy to operate Yes
Detachable parts Yes
Easy to clean Yes
Material ABS plastic, stainless steel
Comes with
Plastic cup with filter for juice and waste collector cup
Model Number KCJ-0501
Color Green
Weight 1.5 kg Approximately
Size 40 - 30 cm Approximately

The weight of 1.5kg and the size of 30 to 40 cm are best for a portable and quality Juicer. Fruit 'N' Vegetable Heavy Duty Juicer KCJ-0501 is one of the popular products that create dozens of juice glasses in minutes. It has waste collector cup as well as plastic cup with filter for juice. It is easy to use and has the appearance of green color. This juicer’s material is ABS plastic and stainless steel. Its detachable parts are best for cleaning purposes.

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