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Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein Organic Plant Formula Unflavored


RAW organic protein is a plant-based protein that comes in different flavors plus an unflavored variant. The flavors include the garden of life vanilla protein powder or similarly chocolate protein powder. Its constitution is unique and contains all the essential amino acids needed for the human body to function at its peak. It is smooth and creamy in texture and has a delicious and refreshing taste.



It is an organically certified, non-GMO project that is verified by RAW vegan protein powder and is composed of 13 different sprouted proteins containing all essential amino acids. Also included in it, are fat-soluble vitamins, enzymes and probiotics that add quality to it. Each pack provides 22g of protein.



It is:

v  Clean and pure

v  Easily digestible raw organic protein

v  USDA organically approved

v  Verified by non-GMO products

v  Vegan

v  Contains 30% more protein

v  Dairy-free

v  Soy-free

v  Contains enzymes and probiotics

v  Sugar-free

v  Smooth in texture

v  Delicious in taste


This unique organic protein garden of life is basically composed of two types of basic ingredients

1.     RAW Organic Protein Blend

This includes organic pea proteins, organic millet sprout, sunflower seed sprout, organic sprouted brown rice proteins etc.

2.     RAW Probiotic and Enzyme Blend

This blend includes lipases, proteases, cellulases, lactases, peptidases like enzymes


Garden of life protein is high in quality and is very nutritious having the following perfect meal composition:

Ø  Calories = 110

Ø  Total fat = 2.5g

Ø  Cholesterol = 0mg

Ø  Sodium = 270mg

Ø  Potassium = 50mg

Ø  Carbohydrate = 2g

Ø  Dietary fiber = 1g

Ø  Sugars = 0g

Ø  Protein = 22g

Ø  Various vitamins

Ø  Probiotics

Ø  Organic fibers

Ø  Different metal ions


Some of the benefits of this product are:

ü  It is easily digestible

ü  Builds muscle strength

ü  Repairs muscle injuries

ü  Promotion of protein synthesis

ü  The protein content is enhanced in meals in which it is added

ü  Vegetarians happily consume it

ü  Good for people who are allergic to dairy products

ü  A good alternative to soy, milk and whey proteins

ü  Highest quality

ü  No artificial flavors

ü  No addition of sweeteners

ü  Doesn’t require any preservatives if properly packed

ü  It satisfies hunger

ü  It manages our weight

ü  It also makes a sensation of pleasure and enjoyment


Organic whey protein garden of life

Whey proteins are the best proteins having good nutritious properties. Garden of life organic whey protein is produced by grass and pasture-fed cows who are never given any artificial hormones or antibiotics. It is available unflavored as well as in 4 different flavors. It is great when mixed in smoothies and added in recipes. They offer a delightful taste and good nourishment.

Garden of life raw organic meal

An exclusive benefit of RAW protein is when it is added to your meal it increases the protein content and enhances its nutritious quality. Besides that, it easily mixes with your meal and makes it more delicious, refreshing, yummy, smooth and refreshing.

Garden of life organic raw fit shake

It is the best shake that helps burn our body fat, fight cravings and satisfies our hunger. It makes our exercise effective by its 28g plant protein in combination with 8g fiber. So, it may be mixed with water or maybe added in a smoothie

Garden of life organic raw fit shake as a meal replacement

RAW organic meal and RAW organic meal shake, both are a tremendous diet which helps manage our weight, satisfy the sensation of hunger and all with a good taste. They both are a combination of different garden of life products. An outclass feature of this product is that it is very easy to make so it is very convenient to have whenever you are busy and want to eat something without any effort. It is much better than fast food and is packed with 44 superfood types that boost our energy and helps prevent fat accumulation.

Plant based protein shakes for weight loss

This 21g plant-based protein shake is delicious. For sweetening the taste, plant-based artificial sweeteners have been added. BEST FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE

§  diet conscious

§  vegetarian

§  diabetic

§   on low carbohydrate diets

§  allergic to milk

§  facing gastrointestinal problems

§  children of young age

§  pregnant

§  taking any medication on a long-term basis

Organic protein powder for women

People who are looking for weight loss, planning to gain strength or are athletes can use this organic plant-based protein as an energy supplement. Initially, they were just consumed by men, nowadays women are not far away from every field of life so now this product is popular among both males and females.

Product form: solid powder

Product weight = 20 OZ


Mixing a scoop (1 level) with 10 oz water. Much more delicious on addition of almond milk.

Serving size: 22g (4 tablespoons) = 1 scoop

Per container serving = approximately 28


Ø  Keep raw organic fit garden of life in a cool and dry place.

Ø  Maintain proper packaging

Ø  Don’t use if the seal of this organic protein is missing or broken


This product is specifically labeled for United States Standards and it is different from similar products being sold elsewhere

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