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    Green Hearts Mug is the awesome looking and best traveling mug. Best mug to keep coffee/tea. This is a beautiful looking mug with tumbler lid; it is leak-proof as well. You can travel easily with this mug with no more worries about that your tea or coffee becomes cold. This mug will keep the drink hot at least for next 6 hours after you poured it. This mug has a vacuum insulation so that you can enjoy the real taste of your drinks after many hours. In UAE, Men or women both are using this mug to keep their drinks with them wherever they move.

    It has a beautiful green hearts design mug. The amazing color and design will definitely attract your partners.  Best mug to use on your trips as well as on picnics. The mug has two layers of insulation so that outer temperature does not affect the inner drink. The demand for the product has been increasing rapidly just because of its quality. This product becomes the best0selling product in Dubai. Easy is offering Green Hearts Mug at a very reasonable price, so don’t be late and place your order now.

    Ø  Green Hearts Mug Your Best traveling Partner

    •    Use it carefully

    Be Careful about using this mug because the drink in it must be very hot. Wait for two minutes before closing the lid of the mug after pouring the hot tea or coffee in it. Wait it become little cool. Try to keep this Green Heart Mug with hot drinks out of the reach of the children.

    •    What is best and what is not

     We recommend you to use it anywhere you want but don’t take it with you in a carrying bag. The mug is safe to microwave and to keep in a freezer.

    •    Easy Cleanup

    Green Heart Mug - BST02 mug lid and body is dishwasher safe. But it will be better to hand wash this product.


    Ø  Green Hearts Mug Feature:

    Ø  The product is Leak-proof

    Ø  Drinks in it will stay hot up to 6 hours and cold up to 15 hours

    Ø  It has an easy one-handed drinking

    Ø  It can easily fit most car cup, holders

    Ø  Mug has Easy grip to grab and go anywhere you want

    Ø  It can beat the Heat around your mug and keeps the drinks cool

    Ø  The product is dishwasher-safe but we recommend you to hand wash it

    Ø  The mug has the capacity to carry 35oz of liquid

    Ø  Green Hearts Mug is 100% BPA-free

    Ø  The mug has a Comfortable Carry Handle

    Ø  Underside seal design guarantees 100% reliability and eliminates "coffee nose" caused by lower quality flip lid designs

    Ø  The mug has a Double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel that will keep your hot drink hot and cold drinks cool for many hours





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