Hands-Free Atomic Beam Light Gloves

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Hands-free Bright Light at Your Fingertips 

Wearing Atomic Beam Glove is like having two powerful flashlights in the palm of your hand. The one size fits all ambidextrous design fits your right and left hand. Atomic Beam Glove puts ultra-bright hands-free LED lights at your fingertips. It’s made with a stretchy breathable fabric and has an adjustable strap for a comfortable secure fit. Atomic Beam Glove has an easy on/off button that provides instant bright light. You’ll be able to keep both hands free with enough light to see! Atomic Beam Glove is great for electronics, auto, sewing, emergencies, power outages, fixing a flat tire, and so much more!

The Atomic Beam Family brings you best-selling tactical gadgets for everyday use. Try our line of the brightest tactical and weather-resistant flashlights, like Atomic Beam USA, Atomic Beam Headlight, and Atomic Beam Glove, or our windproof and weather-resistant Atomic Lighter.


How It Works

  • When you put on Atomic Beam Glove, two mini, powerful LED flashlights align with your forefinger and thumb.
  • Insert your thumb and index finger into the glove.
  • Wrap the strap around your wrist and secure the hook and loop fastener.
  • To turn light ON/OFF, press the button located on the top of the battery compartment.

Atomic Beam Glove is universal so it can be worn on either hand.

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