Harris Bed Bug Early Detection Glue Traps (4/Pack) BBT-1

Product Information

Part NumberBBT-1
Product Weight1.6 lb
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)10.04 x 4.49 x 0.24 Inches
Pesticide FreeNatural product with no chemicals used
Easy to UseYes
DiscreetSlides easily under furniture and bedding
4 Traps IncludedPlace near bed posts for early detection of bed bugs
VersatileFor residential and commercial us


Part number


Weight of the product

2.24 Ounces


10.04*4.49*0.24 Inches



Features of the product:

  • Manufactures: These early detection bed bugs traps are made up of all natural ingredients and surely does not contain any chemical in its manufacturing

  • Use: These bed bugs traps are really easy-to-use. There is no difficulty in merely folding the trap and fixing at the top of the inserting tab.

  • Discretion: No problem, these early detection bed bugs traps can slide easily under the bedposts and different furniture

  • Contain: This pack contains 4 traps for the early detection of bed bugs. So place these traps near bed posts, mattresses, headboard and different type of furniture

  • Versatility: Use these initial detection of bed bugs traps in versatile places like any commercial area including food production houses, hospitals/nursing houses or different residential areas


Here we are offering you bed bugs traps for the early detection. The brand HARRIS, Pest Control manufactures these traps. These traps do not contain any single trace of chemicals and produce with of all natural ingredients. These early detection traps come in the easy-to-use peel of protective cover and use by many professional executioners. These traps are made up of non-toxic elements, so don’t know serious harm can occur with its use. You can detect and remove bed bugs from any commercial and residential areas. In this package, you get 4 traps, so place these traps to those places where the bed bugs love to hide.


These bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites in tan to brown color. They are 5mm long with flat or oval shape body.


The bed bugs come out at night times to feed themselves. They feed themselves up to 10 minutes and then return to their hiding areas where they can digest their meals.


With these steps you can eliminate bed bugs from your house or any other commercial area.

  • At high temperature wash and dry your bed linens and all furniture covers  

  • Disassembled your bed _ thoroughly vacuum all six sides of the mattress, bed components, and box springs.

  • Vacuum your carpets, furniture, and floors.

  • Shake the container or stick the trap firmly on tab before placing it near the mattress, bed springs, bed components, flooring, and baseboards.

  • Allow the powder to dry completely

  • For preventing the entry and exist of bed bugs, enclose the mattress and box spring

  • Effortlessly slidable/easy to apply powder into the crakes and crevices of rooms, beds, and furniture

  • Repeat this procedure almost for 4 weeks and completely get rid of these bed bugs

Where you can find these bugs?

You can find these bed bugs in the following areas

  • Seams of chairs and couches

  • Behind the wall hangings

  • Edge of electrical outlets

  • Folds of curtains

  • Sides of window frames

  • Head of bed frames

  • The crack of the headboards


Effectively detect bed bugs and remove them

How to use?

These traps come in an easy-to-use form and for their effective use

  • Carefully remove the protective paper of the traps

  • Fold the trap in 30 degrees by folding end flaps in the inward direction

  • Place these traps at those places where these bed bugs most love to travel

  • For other courses keep the product package carefully


  • The traps may contain poison for killing the bed bugs so keep this product out the reach of kids.

  • Carefully use these and traps and wash your hand after the use

  • Avoid making contact with your eyes. Rinse your eyes thoroughly with cold water if accidentally you touch your eyes.


For preventing bed bug traps use this product after

  • Before traveling

  • At different hotels/destinations

  • Recurring homes

About the company:

HARRIS is a brand with a dependable past and inventive future. This brand is registered as American’s old EPA. They are providing you with more than 55 products. Here you can find the solution to remove everything from roaches to bed bugs and scorpions to stink bugs.

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