Harris Famous Roach & Silverfish Killer, 4oz Cockroach Tablets

Product Information

Non-Domestic Product No
Pest/Weed Type Insect
Custom Bundle No
Type Boric Acid
For Insects
Modified Item No
Weight 0.1 pounds
Width 2.0 in
Height 1.0 in
Length 0" - 14"


Harris Famous Roach & Silverfish Killer, 4oz Cockroach Tablets 

These tablets are of Extraordinary Value - Minimum of 96 tablets included to treat at least 8 rooms, enduring when kept dry and to a great degree effective financially. The best thing is these tablets are Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use in homes with individuals and even pets. It contains Active fixing of 40% boric acid to grab the attention if cockroaches and then it Murders the Entire infestations. The whole procedure is Roaches convey boric acid back thinking of it as food and end up killing the whole perversion. These tablets work best in shrouded areas like:

  • Under drawers

  • Appliances

  • Cupboards etc.

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