Harris Famous Roach & Silverfish Killer, 4oz Cockroach Tablets

Product Information

Non-Domestic ProductNo
Pest/Weed TypeInsect
Custom BundleNo
TypeBoric Acid
Modified ItemNo
Weight0.1 pounds
Width2.0 in
Height1.0 in
Length0" - 14"


Series Name

Famous Roach Tablets



Primary/Active Ingredient

Boric Acid

Unit of total quantity measure

4 Oz.

Total Tablets




Delivery system


Registration Number of EPA






Minimum Duration of Effectiveness

365 Days

Method of Application


Custom Bundle


Modified Item



0.1 Pounds


0” – 14”


1.0 in


2.0 in

For indoors/outdoors


Highlights of the Product:

Value of the pack: In this 4 Oz. pack, you will get minimum 96 tablets. You can use these tablets to treat minimum 8 rooms. Long-lasting: These tablets can work for a long time if kept dry. This product is also very cost effective Register: This product is registered under Environmental Protection Agency (Number 1-3), and available for the use in homes with pets and people Irresistible: These tablets are compelling towards roaches. Uniquely formulated with 40% boric acid, this product lure roaches efficiently Kills: These tablets kill the entire colony of roaches. After eating these, cockroaches carry boric acid with them back to their nests that kill entire infestation. You can also use this product to kill silverfish and water bugs Conceal: This is easy to conceal. Place these tablets in hidden places of roaches. Place them at under-drawers, appliances, beds, and cabinets. Do not: These tablets are odorless and contain no chemical in their formulation. Entirely made up with organic ingredients…


This pest control product is something extraordinary. Use this pack to get rid of roaches of all kind, water bugs, and silverfishes. It includes 96 tablets which can effectively work for 8 rooms. These tablets can endure when keeping dry and very effective to cost. The best part is this product from HARRIS; Pest Control is registered with Environment Protection Agency (# 1-3). It contains a sufficient 40% amount of Boric acid which lures the attention of cockroaches. Because of the boric acid roaches not only kill themselves but also their whole group. Due to the unique formulation roaches consider these tablets as their food and bring it back to their colony. You can use these tablets effectively at indoor areas like in your house, hospital, restaurants, hotel, industries, and food preparing industries.


You can control the cockroaches, water bugs and silverfishes by removing the extra amount of food scraps and limit the available resources of water. Regularly clean up spills and cramp. Don’t leave food outside for excessive period without covering. Effectively seal all cracks and openings by using caulk.


40% Boric Acid


Kills total infestation of roaches 4 Oz. is compatible for your entire house Also, kill water bugs and shellfishes This product can efficiently kill German, American, Brown-Banded, Asian and much another type of cockroaches.

How to use?

These tablets come in easy to use form. You can place these tablets under our kitchen or bathroom tablets, cupboards, appliances, drawers, etc.

Warning/Safety Measures:

Carefully place these tablets out the reach of kids. Thoroughly wash your hands after placing the tablet If you lick your finger after touching the tablet, it may cause poisons.

About the Brand:

HARRIS is a brand with a dependable past and inventive future. This brand is registered as American’s old EPA. They are providing you with more than 55 products. Here you can find the solution to remove everything from roaches to bed bugs and scorpions to stink bugs.

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