Home Package 11pcs Tool Set With Cary Box - MT-5132

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A need of toolbox is very common in UAE, for instance, we want to make small adjustments in a chair, screw something, eliminate the hinges on the doors, or lubricate a lock. But what are the essential things to make your toolbox as complete as possible? Do not panic, easyshopping.ae offers a HOME PACKAGE 11PCS TOOL SET WITH CARY BOX - MT-5132 for you and your needs.


The tool box consists of 11 pieces in total. Following is the description what is present in the tool box;

1. Hammer:

It is the great protagonist, cannot miss in any home, as it will allow you to nail a tip or hang a simple painting. Today there are a lot of different types of hammers on the market, but for normal use, you will only need one of an average size.

2. Screwdriver:

Between your basic kits, you must include a small tool that can get you out of more of a hurry. Ideally, you have a set of several sizes to be used when removing or putting any screw.

3. Small screw drivers:

At times you call for small screw drivers. Happily, this tool box encompasses the small screw drivers. These are safe, easy, and effective to use! In addition, there are two sizes that are present in the HOME PACKAGE 11PCS TOOL SET WITH CARY BOX - MT-5132. It would be advisable buy this from easyshopping.ae that is in UAE.

3. Measuring Tape:

It is also essential since it will allow you to calculate all the measures properly. The tape measure is, therefore, another element that cannot be missing in your toolbox. To make it as useful as possible, try to have at least 5 meters in length.

4. Adhesive Tape:

They say that with WD-40 and a little bit of tape there is nothing in the world that cannot be fixed. It is mandatory to plug any leaks in a pipe and join parts.

5.  Leveler:

It is considered the quintessential tool of any Mason. With the level, you can know with maximum accuracy if a surface is actually level or if you are placing something inclined. It can be very useful if you are going to hang some furniture on the wall, like a small shelf.

6. Cutter:

This one is the most essential of all, as a cutter is required to do all the main tasks.

In short, HOME PACKAGE 11PCS TOOL SET WITH CARY BOX - MT-5132, you will get these basic tools that cannot be missed in your toolbox. With them, you will solve any basic problem at home in a simple way.

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