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بلسم الحلمة الأصلي من dr. Lipp وكريم الشفاه

  • MULTI-PURPOSE HERO - One product, 100's of uses. Don’t let the name fool you. This award-winning miracle balm can be used for pretty much everything: chapped lips, moisturizing & long lasting lip gloss, lipstick primer, softens dry cuticles & skin, eye lash conditioning, breast feeding, eyebrow shaping, glitter glue, shine up scuffed heels, touch up beard or mustache, babies bottoms, lip prepping, sore tits, cheek shine, under foundation, nasal emollient, pigment fixing & so much more.
  • LIP BUTTER - Celebrity endorsed & famous for being ultra rich & long lasting glossier lips. Extra thick balm easily penetrates and absorbs into your skin for effective hydration that lets your skin breathe and regulate its own moisture balance. Can be used under your favorite lipstick. Strong enough to heal & nourish dry damaged irritated skin yet versatile enough to be used as an oooh-soo-kissable lip gloss primer, cheek shine or anything else fun & flirty.
  • BEST NIPPLECREAM - Your nursing superhero has arrived. Helps sooth sore nipples that are common after painful breastfeeding sessions so your tits are so cracked & dry they resemble desert soil. Simply apply on our miracle nipple butter. Will encourage healing and can make for an all around more comfortable nursing experience. Reduces need for shields. The maternity breast feeding essential accessory so you can enjoy bonding time with your little one. No additives, safe for baby.
  • 100% NATURAL LANOLIN CREAM - Dr. Lipp contains only one ingredient, pure lanolin, making this an all natural non-addictive balm that contains no fragrances parabens sulfates mineral oils or petrolatum. Extracted from unpainted Australian sheep's wool. Purified from environmental pollutants. Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types even the most sensitive baby skin. Lets your skin breath & regulate its own moisture balance. So simple, yet so amazingly effective.
  • TRAVEL READY - The convenient travel sized tube makes this all-purpose skincare product a handy purse essential for whatever life throws at you. Don’t leave your house without it. If it's good enough for nipples, it's good enough for everywhere else. Used by leading celebrities & makeup artists. Both men & women love Dr. Lipp.

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