Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670

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    Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670 is the best traveling pillow.  It is comfortable as well as versatile. Best for all outdoor occasions and air travel, car travels. You will feel more relaxed on bus trips, hammock, car camping, and road trips. Enjoy your trips with Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670. It is made of high-quality material. It is simple and easy to inflate and deflate this Comfortable travel Pillow. The product is also light in weight, so you can easily store this anywhere at your home or it your car.

    The fabric used in its manufacturing is slip resistant and comfortable. It will easily support your neck, head and back while driving. You can also adjust the firmness of the Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670 to your liking. Can easily increase or decrease its firmness. This is the best-selling pillow in Dubai. Drivers are buying this one proudly. You can easily buy this amazing pillow at an affordable price in Dubai, now online at top UAE online shopping store.

    Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670 Features

    Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow 68670 has easy button in it

    Ø  Travelling pillow uses pump to inflate. Simply press the button lets air out.

    Ø  No more need to use your mouth for this purpose

    Ø  The pillow has an adoptable high elasticity PVC inside, that provides you best neck, head and back support.

    Soft Fabric is used and Washable easily

    Ø  The soft Velvet cloth is used in its outer cover.

    Ø  The material is silky, durable and soft in touch.

    Ø  Pillow cover is easily removable

    Ø  We recommend you hand wash for it

    Unique and Stylish Design Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow

    Ø  This traveling pillow is created by professionals by keeping your needs in consideration. Intex pillow has the stylish and unique design that makes It different from other ordinary pillows.

    Ø  Its unique design gives you more comfort and relax feel as compared to others.

    Travelling Pillow is Multifunctional

    Ø  No doubt it is the best traveling pillow but you can also use this one as your sleeping pillow on picnics and outdoor gatherings.

    Ø  Intex Soft Comfortable PVC Travel Pillow is best for taking with you during your air flights.

    Key Features

    Ø  It is comfortable as it has a smooth and soft material.

    Ø  It is designed as according to the needs of modern men

    Ø  This wonderful pillow gives maximum relax feel in travelling

    Ø  The size of the pillow is also adjustable by pressing a single button

    Ø  You can increase and decrease the size of the pillow easily

    Ø  It is slip-resistant pillow as it prevents slipping

    Ø  This intex traveling pillow is best for picnics, camping, and other adventures

    Ø  It is very easy to clean and carry travelling pillow




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