King Size Bed Sheet of Cotton 6 Pcs Bedding Set covers with filling - BSC-001

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Bedsheet is an essential necessity for the bed. Without it, the room looks incomplete and one cannot sleep easily on the naked bed. To give a room the best look, there are a variety of bed sheets available in the market. Linen or cotton bed sheets are best to use for beds as these are

·         Bacteria resistant

·         Ventilating

·         Moisture-absorbing

·         Evaporating capability

·         Air permeability

·         Anti-static

·         Repel dust

You can buy the best linen bed sheets and comforter cover from the top-notch online store in Dubai. To get superior quality in affordable range than is the best platform. You can purchase 100 percent cotton or linen fabric bedsheet. The bed sheets have a long life and you can confidently wash by hands or washing machine. There will be no change in color and bed sheet will not get rough for a long time


The package includes

·          One king size bed sheet having dimensions about 180*210 cm

·         2 pillow covers

·         2 cushion cover

·         1 king size comforter cover having dimensions approximately 180*210 cm.

The polka dots cushion, pillow, and comforter cover perfectly set with plane bed sheet cover.

Elegant comfort provides the luxurious feel when you lay on the bed. The superior quality yarn is used for manufacturing these bedding pieces that provide an ultra-soft finish to the product.

On four sides of cushions, pillows and comforters have frill lace of the same color but a plane design that enhance the beauty of the product and give an appealing look.

Elegant comfort yarn and ventilated weave make it hypoallergenic.

The fade-resistant colors are used for the bed sets. You can use it confidently as the color remain vibrant even after regular use.

Wrinkle and fade resistant ultrathin yarn will not tear or weaken even after years of use.

The bed set is best option to gift it your daughter or friend as a wedding gift.

Experience a fabulous night rest through the soft and luxury bedding set. The residents of UAE can shop it easily with 31 percent discount. Give your room the luxury look and have comfortable sleep. Purchase it today to get at best price from


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