Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5 Percent Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men 6 Months Supply

Product Information

Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5 Percent Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men 6 Months Supply
  • 6-2 Ounce Bottles
  • 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution
  • Six Month Supply
  • One Child-resistant Dropper Applicators

Important Features:

Targeted Group







Hair Growth Promoter





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Contains minerals & Vitamin


1.05 Pounds

Highlights of the Product:

  • Bottles: In this package, you might get 6 bottles each of 2-Ounces

  • Active Ingredient: This hair treatment contains an active ingredient which is 5% Minoxidil. This Topical solution helps in promoting an increased rate of hair regrowth

  • Supply: For the efficient working of this topical solution, use this product almost for the 6 months.

  • Application: This product comes in the easy-to-use dropper application, which is child resistant

  • Features: This product contains natural minerals and vitamins.

  • Usage: This package contains a complete informational booklet. So read it carefully before the use.


As the man ages, his hair follicles begin to shrink which cause hair thinning. This KIRKLAND SIGNATURE 5% MINOXIDIL TOPICAL SOLUTION is specially generated for men’s use. With this Topical solution, you can get rid of general thinning of hairs on the top of your scalp. Minoxidil is a special ingredient which increases the regrowth of hairs in men as compared to others.  This product shows normal regrowth of hairs in men with low to moderate hair loss. This topical solution is the combination of natural minerals and vitamins and free of alcohol, dye, cruelty/animal testing, perfume, ammonia free. This product contains sun protection and promotes hair growth.


Active Ingredient;

  • 5% Minoxidil


  • Reduce hair loss

  • Nourish and moisturize scalp

Don’t use this product:

  • Don’t use it if you are a woman

  • The amount of your hair loss is more than that amount shown on the carton

  • This product is not intended to use for front baldness and receding hairline.

  • Don’t use it, if you are facing patchy or sudden hair loss or thinning

  • You can’t understand the reason for your hair loss

  • The product is not for the use of babies and children. Don’t use it if you are under 18

  • Don’t use it if your scalp is red, sore, septic, irritated or you feel some pain

  • Don’t use it if you are going through any scalp treatment

  • Consult your health physician if you have any disease related to heart or High or Low BP

Use of this treatment:

  • This product is not for other parts of the body

  • Cautiously use this foam and avoid contact with eyes

  • If accidentally, this foam makes contact with your eyes instantly wash with water or use a large amount of cold water

  • People experienced the change in their hair color or hair texture

  • Every topical hair solution takes time to regrow hairs, so wait with patience for the implausible results

  • Hair problems of all men are not the same and not their reasons, so this product may not work for all men.

Stop the use:

  • Stop the purpose of this product if you feel;

  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat, head pounding, faintness, dizziness

  • You feel puffiness on your hands and feet

  • You feel irascibility or redness and burning on the scalp

  • This product is harmful to pregnant or nursing women

  • Formulated only for the use of adults, so keep it out the reach of kids

Legality of the product:

Every statement regarding dietary supplements are not elevated by the Department of Food & Drug Authorities.

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