Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red

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Having a good makeup kit is the basis of every makeup artist to be able to work properly. It is the set of all the products, tools and skill of the make - up artist which makes the final result perfect. Are you looking for basic products in UAE, need not worry, you will get everything because Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red has loaded with makeup.

Characteristics of Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red:

The eye shadow brushes: eye shadow brushes are the essential tools of good make.  You will Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red. This kit has the best eye shadow brushes that blend in the eye shadow, giving you a much-defined look.

1.    Sponges: Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red comprises of sponges, which are used to apply and diffuse makeup and concealers. It has round, square, triangular or rectangular sponges. Also, there are anatomical sponges, which combine different ways to make it easier to access all corners of the face like the fins of the nose and eyelids.

2.    Correctors: Disguise and correct the unsightly imperfections that can present the skin: dark circles, spots, discolorations, pigmentary discolorations, scars, surgery marks, keloids, angiomas, vitiligo, chloasma, etc. You will see them in different formats: in cream, bar, emulsions fluid or powder. There are also different concealers in the makeup kit that adapts to the needs of the skin to be treated and the purpose that you have, there are 3 types of concealers;

Ø  Greenish: Correct reddish spots, of the cheeks

Ø  Yellow: remove purple tones like dark circles

Ø  Pink: conceals dark pigmentations such as chloasma, brown spots or senile spots.


3.    Makeup base:

Makeup bases that are present in this are not only used to bring color to our skin and cover imperfections visibly but also creates a film that protects the face from pollution and other external factors. The makeup kit has the cream bases that also incorporate the sun protection factor, but also take care of protecting the skin from aging skin and possible stains. It also has a formula that contains active ingredients and moisturizers that take care of the skin daily.

4.    Powder:


The use of makeup powder has numerous benefits for the skin in UAE; that is present in Makeup Kit with Box - 2001A-Red. Through these powders that the kit has, you attain a matte and velvety look on the face. In addition, they favor the fixation of other products of makeup, they even the tone of the face and they eliminate the brightness. They are recommended for greasy and mixed skins, as they unify the texture and act as a drying agent. Although they are also used on dry and sensitive faces and they increase protection.

5.    Eye shadows:

Eye shadows help to darken or lighten the eyelid, highlight the eye, accentuate the color, create optical effects of correction of the same, characterize, etc. To make spectacular make-ups and chords to each person, the palette includes makeup of more natural and matte colors, but also bright colors with glossy and/or satin finishes.  Powdered eye shadows are in this kit, which is ideal for greasy skin, as they absorb sebum and prevent the appearance of glitters.

6.    Rouge:

Rouge is a key product, as it helps us give a touch of color to the face and is also ideal for creating all kinds of expressions: more aggressive, extreme, innocent or healthy. Since the fashion varies a lot and there is a multitude of styles, therefore the kit has the best rouge for you. The color palette includes different tones.

7.    Lipstick:

Lipsticks are one of the simplest and quickest ways to beautify your face, therefore this kit has the lipsticks which helps eliminate dead cells, nourish and moisturize the thin skin of the lips. There is also lip balm present in the box to achieve a uniform f

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