Meat Grinder HE House HE-3560

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      3600 watt
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 Originally Meat Grinder HE House HE-3560 has been designed to grind, or chop meats. Are you too looking for a meat grinder? If yes, look no further, as Meat Grinder HE House HE-3560 will solve all your issues regarding the grinding of meat in UAE! Plus, you can carry everywhere; since it has a gripping jaw that can be adjusted to any table, table, or flat surface is great quality and resistance.

The grinding capacity for this lovely gadget is up to 13kg / min, compatible with a wide variety of sieves to process different products such as ground beef, chicken, sauces, beans, chorizo and much more. It is ideal to be used in the home as it occupies a less space, is handy and worth it.

What a Meat Grinder HE House HE-3560 has;

Ø  It is a studied combination of the speed and the design of the cutting group, which does not undergo reheating even after a long period of work, guaranteeing a special result in speed, quantity, and quality of the product worked up.

Ø  The silent operation is a feature that in addition to offering a pleasant environment, free of annoying noises for you. And for its customers, is a guarantee of a perfectly adjusted machine in all its parts.

Ø  Exclusive design that allows it to perform a perfect crushing of the meat, because due to the sharp channels inside the mouth, and the endlessly well-shaped shapes, at the same time that it is transporting the meat,   the Is cutting with the inner canals of the mouth, so that when it reaches the blade, the meat has already been macerated and delicately cut.

Ø  That the dirt (which does not adhere to the aluminum structure), detaches, always preserving a pleasant silver color.

Ø  Another great advantage is the very little meat left in the cutting group,   so that the cutting disc can be easily changed to obtain different grades of ground meat, without having to remove the grinding block.

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