Mini Sewing Machine, White For Basic Stitching Only

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4 in 1 Mini Sewing Machine, White - "For basic stitching only" is what you are looking for!

 Double lines, double speed Mini sewing machine, easy for carry.

 Can use manual button or foot pedal controlling switch

Power supply: 6V transformer, or pcs 1.5V battery

  • It offers flexibility of use and enables manual and foot pedal action
  • The machine is compatible with various materials, so you won’t have a problem
  • It mends, seams and sews in a locking stitch that is quite durable
  • It sports dimensions of 22 x 20 x 12cm in width, height and depth respectively
  • It is lightweight and extremely portable
  • It comes with an AC power adapter and user manual
  • Not to be used on denim and thick material
  • Can be used for basic usage only

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