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Muscletech Test HD 90 Tablets

Muscletech test HD is the testosterone booster supplement that increases the level of your hormone in 7 days. On regular use with the proper diet plan, you can get the fruitful results from the Muscletech testosterone booster. The testosterone booster test HD supplements are formulated after following three clinical studies to ensure the safety of this product. The salient features of the product that help you to buy it are

Features and benefits

Boost testosterone in 7 days

Each bottle contains 90 tablets

Muscletech increases the ATP levels in the blood

Power up your energy

Initiate the muscle building process

Testosterone HD improves the stamina during workout activities

Helps in weight control

Increases strength

Increases arousal 

How to use?

To get the positive affects you have to take 1 caplet two times daily. Try to take the first one in the morning and the second one in the afternoon. If you are doing the exercise you can take one caplet half an hour before the workout and the next one after four to five hours of completing your exercise. Drink plenty of water when you are using this therapy to improve the metabolism. 

How to store?

Muscletech test HD testosterone booster is the medicine, try to keep in the box do not keep the bottle open. This is because the intact of test HD testosterone boosting supplement with air, moisture, and dust to prevent its efficacy. Keep in mind the expiry date. Do not use the expired product.


Each bottle of MuscleTech test booster contains 90 caplets having the following main ingredients



Shilajit extract

Boron citrate

Broccoli powder

Stinging nettle extract

Velvet bean extract

Tribulus extract

Muscletech Testo booster also contains coconut and other ingredients.


Testosterone tablets Muscletech must be consumed with care. It is not recommended for women. Men must not take if they have any kidney or liver problem. Keep away from children. Not for teens under 18. Do not take high doses.

If you want to improve your stamina and want to have high levels of testosterone in your body than MuscleTech test booster buys in UAE from Test HD MuscleTech price is less in this online store as compared to other outlets in the UAE.

Questions & Answers

What is the active ingredient of Muscletech testosterone?

It is boron citrate and the Shilajit.

What is the usual dose of this product?

2 caplets twice a day is recommended.

Why drink ample water?

It is important to drink plenty of water to improve your stamina.

Can women take these supplements?

No, it is not recommended for women.

What to do if you face any side effects?

Immediately stop using the medicine and consult the health practitioner.

Is this a natural product?

Yes, it contains all-natural ingredients.

What is another function other than testosterone boosting?

It improves stamina, boosts energy level and gives you a muscle strength.

How does Testo booster work? 

It works by improving the testosterone level in your body thus giving you extra energy for your workout.

Is there any banned substance present in medicine?

It contains all FDA approved ingredient, no banned item present in it.

Can we take it daily?

Yes, you can take it daily.

How much quantity of Shilajit present in it?

It is about 100mg

Is it increase ATP in the blood?

Yes, it improves ATP level in blood.

How much boron citrate is present in it?

100 mg of boron present in this product.

What's the amount of Tribulus Terrestris in it?

It is about 250 mg.

Does this improve your lean muscles?

Yes, it helps to improve your lean muscles

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