Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Chocolate Malt - 2 lbs

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Optimum Nutrition

Supplementary Facts:

Amount per serving

% daily value




Calories from fat



Total fat

1 g


Saturated fat

1 g


Trans fat

0 g



40 g



140 mg


Total carbohydrates

3 g



2 g



24 g


Vitamin A


Vitamin C







If you are an athlete or if you are just an ordinary human being trying to get in shapes and stay fit you will need to add extra protein and calcium in your body in order to stay fit and in today’s busy generation we all tend to skip out or proteins, vitamins and calcium so a perfect way to get those will be in the form of dietary supplements.

Introducing Optimum nutrition gold standard whey chocolate malt supplement, this supplement is perfect for you if you are trying to get back those nutrition factors in your life and still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


  • Makes your muscles stronger 
  • Gives you strength and gets you through the day 
  • Over 4 grams of Glutamine and Glutamic acid in each serving, making it a perfect balance in your diet.
  • This supplement will improve your physique and totally enhance muscle growth.

How to Use:

There can be many ways to consume this supplement but these are the two best ways to consume it:

Spoon stirred

As this supplement is for instant use, you can easily use it on the go without any hassle. That basically means if you ever forgot your shaking cup or if you don’t have a blender on the go, you can just scoop out using a spoon, dilute in water or milk of choice and consume on the go.
Even though this product is instantized it is still suggested that you stir it for 20 seconds at least. For best results consume it daily in water or milk. This supplement goes very well with almonds and coconut water; you can always use favorite formulation to further enjoy the drink.


Even though this supplement is instant, you can run it past your blender and add one rounded scoop that comes in with the packaging to water, coconut water or milk of your choice. To further make it interesting you can also add nuts and fresh fruits and enjoy this supplement like a smoothie.


This is a dietary enhancement product, which if taken without supervision may be injurious to your health. Always consult your healthcare expert before consuming any such supplements. If you have had a previous medical condition, consult your doctor before consuming this supplement. It is totally safe to say that if you are pregnant, nursing kindly avoids this supplement.
Always store in a clean and dry place; away from sunlight or any other direct light. Keep away from youngsters and people under 18 in general.

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