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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Chocolate

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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Chocolate
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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Chocolate

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If you are a person struggling to put weight on or if you are trying to bodybuild in general, having a balanced diet is crucial and your balance diet should contain a lot of protein, dietary fibers, and vitamins.

A great way to introduce protein, dietary fibers, and vitamins in your regular diet is by consuming such supplements. Introducing the Optimum nutrition serious mass, this is perfect for you and to add to the perks it is chocolate flavored, which makes it very easy to consume.


    • The high calorie intake makes it perfect for people who struggle with weight gain.
    • You are consuming these calories without the intake of any sugar!
    • The scrumptious chocolate flavor makes it very easy and an enjoyable shake.
    • This supplement is highly available which adds up to the perks

    How to Use?

    This supplement can be prepared. You can mix in two heap scoops in water and enjoy your supplement. If you decide to blend in with milk, you will end up with a much high-calorie shake, the creamier the better.


    As this is a dietary supplement always consult your healthcare specialist before consuming any such supplements. If you have had previous medical problems do not consume this supplement with the consent of your doctor and it is safe to say if you are pregnant or nursing do not consume this supplement.
    Do not consume this product if you are under the age of 18, this may be injurious to your health.
    Always store in a clean and dry place away from young children, as the delicious chocolate flavor may attract them and it might be injurious to their health.
    Do not consume more than the recommended amount.

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