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Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard Delicious Strawberry 5 Lbs 73 Servings

Highlights of the supplements:

  • Contain 24 grams of proteins

  • Made up of 5.5 g of BCAA’s

  • 4 g of Glutamic acid OR Glutamine

  • Contain Artificial and natural flavors

  • Our Whey Protein Isolates are primary sources

  • You can 100% of the proteins from Whey

  • Totally comes in 73 serving scoops

  • It’s a great protein powder drink mix

  • Provides you true strength

  • Further than the Basics:

  • You can get 77% Protein by weight

  • In this product, you might get Whey Protein Isolates as the main ingredient

  • In each serving, you will get over 4 Grams of Glutamic Acid or Glutamine

  • For the high-quality proteins it contains “GOLD STANDARDS.”

  • Whey Protein in Micro-segments and ultra-filtered Whey Protein from Whey Protein Isolate

  • In each serving, you will get the perfect 5 Grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids such as Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine


True Strength of Whey

Now a day, you may get the purest form of whey protein only from the Whey Protein Isolates. In the list of all supplements, WPI’s are expensive protein; but the rate among any best quality protein that you can buy. In this product, you will get the purest form of WPI as the significant ingredient efficiently combines with premium ultra-filtered Whey protein concentration. In every serving of this product, we are providing you 24 grams of muscle building proteins. It can also extend the mix-ability with ON’s attention. OPTIMUM NUTRITIONS, Proteins provides you this instant superior quality powder which can easily mix up with the shaker cup, with a glass or spoon. No doubt, this product sets the STANDARD through all other products of whey proteins are measured.


  Protein blend;

  • Whey Protein Isolates

  • Whey Protein Concentrates

  • Whey Peptides

  • Lecithin

  • Natural & artificial flavors

  • Citric acid

  • Sucralose

  • FD&C red #4

  • Aminogen

  • Lactase

Allergens: This product may contain some traces of other allergens such as milk and soy ingredients


  • Strong build-up muscles

  • Complete the deficiency of proteins

Suggested use:

You can consume the daily required amount of proteins by the perfect combination of protein supplements and high protein foods. For the best results, complete your daily deficiency of proteins by adding small allotments of our product into your daily routine.

  • Stirring with the spoon: This product is an instantized so for mixing this powder, shaker cup is not necessary. You just mix this Protein Powder with the spoon and stir it proficiently. You can add one perfect spoon of this Gold Standard Whey protein into the beverage of your choice. Remember always mix this powder in almost 6-8 Oz. of water or any of your favorite drink

Adjust the sweetness of the mix according to your taste

  • Shaker cup: You can get the immediate dose of protein after your workouts in the gym. For this purpose, you just have to bring the shaker cup with this protein mix with you. Add one rounded scoop of this Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder mix in 4-6 Oz. of your preferred beverage and shake it thoroughly almost for 30 seconds

  • Blender: For a perfect drink, you just have to add one ideal scoop of this powder into the blender with 6-8 Oz. of water or other beverage of your choice and blend it almost for 30 seconds. Now add some ice and again combine it. For additional flavors, you can also add peanut butter, flaxseed or coconut in this Gold Standard 100% Protein Mix shake.


  • This product is only formulated for the use of adults, so keep it out the reach of kids.

  • This product is only for the use of food supplement, so it’s better to not to use this product for weight reduction

  • Store this product at the cold and dry domicile

  • Contents of this package sold in weight not in volume

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