80x60 Full Stainless Steel Gas Oven with Full Safety

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80x60 Full Stainless Steel Gas Oven with Full Safety optional baking pan, packing grid , cast iron pan support , inside oven light and rotisserie


Source:  LPG

Voltage: 220-240 volts, 3 wire 50/60 Hz

Appearance: White/Black/Inox    Full Inox

cooker Size: 760*550*930

Pakaging Size: 800*600*1000

Loading Quantities: 40HQ   

Oven: Yes

Temperature range: Celsius degree                      150-250


Opening Warming Drawer: Yes 

Rapid Burners: Location(Size)    LF,RB ¢100mm*2

Semi rapid burners: RF ¢75mm*1

Auxillary burners: LF ¢50mm*1

Triple burner:  MI ¢130mm*1

Rapid Burners: 2.5*2

Semi rapid burners: 1.75

Auxillary burners: 1.0*1

Triple burner: 3.2*1

Grill burners: 1.6

Oven burners: 3.1

Grate: Grate     3

Baking rack(grid): Nickel-Pl                  1

Baking pan: Enameled  1

Timer: Mechanical(reminding)    YES

Auto ignition: YES

Grill: YES

Thermostate: YES

Oven Light(stand-alone button): YES

Rottiserie(stand-alone button): YES

BS plug; YES

Oven safety: YES

Cooktop burners safety: YES

Cast Iron grate: YES

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