Elekta Triple Burner Teflon Coated with Full Safety Device -Egc-204Tc(Ffd)

Product Information

Weight 6.2 Kg
Width 73 Cm
Model Number Egc-204Tc(Ffd)
Range Hood Included No
Brand Elekta
Height 13.5Cm
Type Stoves
Installation Type
Countertop Stove
Fuel Type Gas
Number Of Burners 2
Color Available Grey
With Full Safety Device Yes
Double Burner, Teflon Coated Yes
Burner Size Φ100 + Φ120
0.45Mm Thickness Teflon Body
Cast Iron Burner & Copper Cap Yes
Grill Enamel
Auto Ignition Yes
Electrophoresis Gas Pipe Yes

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