Peacock Makeup Kit -C805B

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Mini Peacock Makeup Kit is All-in-One Makeup Kit. It features many intensely pigmented eyeshadows in trendy bold and natural colors for all occasions. It has high-quality ingredients imported from around the globe. This Mini peacock Makeup kit also includes mineral-oil based shimmer shadows that give a gorgeous glow of color. The cool tones include blues; blacks, green and purples, and the warm colors combine reds, bronze, oranges, and gold tones. You can use the lighter shades for highlighting, darker colors for definition, and the lively colors for combining an edgy pop to any look.

Now Indulge in a new sophisticated style with Mini peacock Makeup kit. The peacock shaped makeup kit comes with hot, beautiful and fashionable colors; that includes matte to ultra-shimmers. It also has a handy face powder that can be used as a color corrector as well. The beautiful kit is all about style. Start the new season with a fresh look and take an advantage of all in one kit. The Duck Girl Makeup Kit features 48 highly pigmented mineral-oil based eyeshadows, two face powders, and makeup applying brushes. This super mineral oil based eyeshadows are in pearl, matte, and shimmer finishes. This kit includes two double-sided applicators for shadows and blush. Its attractive two-color outer case increases its beauty as well. The Kit is created by makeup professionals in the United States.

 Mini Peacock Makeup Kit has extremely Pigmented & Formulated with Mineral Oil Blushes in a light matte pink, lively shimmer pink, and an attracting matte peach. The blushes can be mixed or used alone to complement any skin color. This kit also contains one sponge brushes, one lip brushes, one Eyeshadow brush, and one mirror.

This Mini Peacock Makeup Kit -C805B Features

Ø  Many Highly Pigmented Eye Shadows

Ø  4 Blushes and 48 eye shadows

Ø  One Sponge Brushes

Ø  One Eye Brush

Ø  1 Mirror

Ø  Compact Powder

Ø  Eyeliner

Ø  Glitter


·         What makes it different from others

This Mini Peacock Makeup Kit -C805B is an ideal and the best selling product in Dubai. An amazing Makeup Kit for the makeup artist in you. Increase your beauty with natural colors, bold hues, and trendy shades. Different Shimmer shadows provide a rich glow of color. Cool tones in Mini Peacock Makeup kit ranging from blues, blacks, greens, and purples.  It also has warm colors in reds, reds, bronze and gold tones. Each blush in this Mini Makeup kit is perfect to use alone or mix them with other colors to increase the beauty of any skin tone.  With so much makeup collection in Mini Peacock Kit, your color combinations will be endless. It is a complete makeup Kit for every girl. Adding more, Mini Peacock Makeup Kit -C805B is an amazing and beautiful thing to present as a gift to your loved ones in UAE..



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