Pritech Id-6071 7-In-1 Professional Hair Dryer And Brush Set

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Without a doubt, one of the little machines committed to the magnificence and individual care that is not ailing in any house is the hair dryer. The item which we will talk about today gets men and ladies not just expel dampness from their hair, after a shower, yet in addition accomplish the hairdo they like and make them look more appealing.


Are you too looking for a salon kind of blow dry? If yes, this Pritech Id-6071 7-In-1 Professional Hair Dryer And Brush Set is for you! Be a professional now and manage your hair with this remarkable product. It is understood that in Dubai there is a lot of heat, but don’t worry once you use this hair gadget your hair will not turn into a fizzy one, as it is an exceptional thermal conductor that maintains the stability in ultra high temperatures. One of the brands of small appliances that you can rely on when buying a dryer is Pritech, thanks to models that have a remarkable value for money. The Pritech Id-6071 7-In-1 Professional Hair Dryer and Brush Set are ideal for all types of hairstyles and blow drying. It is for sure is an indispensable accessory for every person who deserves it.


The new technology in this professional brush eliminates curly hair and creates silky smooth hair. This magnificent hair dryer gently spreads and holds longer heat as well as dries hair faster. With the help of this, the damage caused by excessive use of the dryer is eliminated. The hair will be healthy, freshly conditioned and with a renewed vitality.


Ø  Lightest in the market


Ø  Switch with both negative and positive ions


Ø  Powerful, long lasting AC motor


Ø  Up to 2000 Watts


Ø  New IONIC & CERAMIC system, which prevents hair from curling and achieves a higher gloss


Ø  6 heat intensities/velocities


Ø  Cold air shooting


Ø  Removable stainless steel filter


Ø  Along cable


Ø  3 different brushes


Ø  Powerful high torque motor


Ø  Durable and handy


Ø  Noiseless




It emits far infrared heat, a gentle heat that penetrates the hair shaft to gently dry the hair, without hurting it. In addition, it also emits negative ions, which achieve faster drying while preserving hair hydration. This dryer will leave your hair soft, silky and shiny while eliminating frizz. This is the best model you can find today in UAE, to dry your hair in a professional way, or you can shop from to get the best.

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